Anita Etta – A Jon

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Los Angeles based Cameroonian christian jazz artist Anita Etta transforms a folk song in the Douala language into a modern world music sound. The song is produced by the legendary Andre Manga and the video is shot in Los Angeles, Malibu and Corona California. Video produced by Donat Sine of MHV.



sofnan says:

anita cool album…its was good acting as your back up singer last nite during the launching of your album

anitaetta says:

Thank you Sophie; I appreciate you.

1234567822242 says:

that`s nice keep up

lafemmedi says:

This is my absolute favorite Nit.

efa3n says:


efa3n says:


efa3n says:


SylvieLaCamer says:

Great song and beat Anita! Please leave an e-mail address and phone number at the end of your videos for people who might want to buy a CD and/or book you for events. Thank you.

Luma Richard says:

i love it where can i have a CD

onelife788 says:

nice . . .thats the spirit we need

Emanuel Mbonge says:

very good music, but the dressing of the two dancers is a disgrace to christians

anitaetta says:

Thanks Emanuel.

Erta Rose Ekosso says:

This is just perfect I like it Anita. Big up

anitaetta says:

Merci Erta, God bless.

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