Anita Etta – I may not look saved

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Atina Music presents Anita Etta in a powerful message: Come to the cross the way you are and Christ will take care of the rest. Cameroon gospel music taken to a jazzy level.



anitaetta says:

@JFoyabo thanks for all the support. Bless ya.

LaBelle339 says:

I love the message…God looks at the heart

cccyynn says:

Love the message, people love to judge others so easily based on the surface and not on their hearts. Very nice one

SylvieLaCamer says:

Great voice and talent, nice song and lyrics. Beautiful, green and serene landscapes, gardens, pretty flowers, stream. Professional video with beautiful images, beautiful home, and surroundings. Good-looking, fun and God-loving Christian young people. Good job Anita! Keep it up.

Walta Blackson says:

I am so feeling this song now

Sattviki00 says:

It’s something different and interesting, very good.

smartass222222 says:

nice video

mohamed ashraf says:

great song and very good video

aseem104 says:

wow so wonderful song , really so good video

trinhthiduong says:

wow, nice video, i like it

Mrddestructor says:

Excellent video, song, music and voice.I like it so much. Great work!!!!!

Waira Kuhn says:

Such a grea voice!.. .. i wish i could sing like that.. but that is just a dream. I really liked. Thanks..

gmiljanovic says:

beautiful video, the music is fantastic, very nice singing, like it

sindicatpmarad says:

Very nice this young hope :) great video congratulations!

dyefrey says:

Very inspiring music… Keep it up..!

Vũ Dương says:

I love this song. Music is great.

Ksr Ksr says:

Anita Etta is a very capable woman. She has a unique voice and great talent. Music it puts me in a nice mood.

huyamd says:

i very like video and will share with my friends

Constantin Ionut Liviu says:

beautiful lyrics, beautiful rhythm. I love this song

alexadikal says:

Feel inspired by this amazing singer and this terrific song

hanglon91 says:

great video i like it

Hà Tuấn Anh says:

Oh that very awesome. Thanks you so much!

MitchBuchanon023 says:

Awesome voice, unique song! I am sure that we will hear about you much more in the future! Go Anita!

ahmed awad says:

good video

Pompieri Isu says:

Love the message, people love to judge others so easily based on the surface and not on their hearts. Very nice one

OpenArtStudioGniezno says:

I like this video! Really NICE!!!

VideoGalerija says:

Wonderful world of Anita. Great voice, looking more songs from you.

karaya75 says:

good song and great video keep it up Anita, subscrived

acsiify says:

Waw, so cute! I really like it! And the video is full of energy!

hennyamd says:

That is great and interesting video clip. thanks for sharing and can you share another video like that video…I’ll wait for your next video..

Olcay Kavazlar says:

good clip.good voice.congrats..

Tarek0593 says:

soooo cool i love it too much i will download t mp3 on my ipod and i will share it on facebook and twitter

muhammed2012able says:

Great voice, looking more songs from you.good video

darkolenko says:

nice video. I like the music very much, very relaxing. Looking forward to your next clip.

myramaimohofficial1 says:

Love this song, the vocals, arrangement and message. Its my favorite!

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