Anita Etta – Sawa Medley (Official video)

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Anita Etta sings about victory in Christ in some of the Sawa languages of Cameroon (Bakweri, Balondo, Ejagham and Douala). In the Douala language Anita says ” he has put the enemy underneath my feet” and concludes that we should therefore tell everyone that God is love.




Brendabell Tong says:

Hi Anita this is a job well done. I really enjoy it. Keep it up girl. Your voice is becoming well polished.

baronium says:

That is what I call uplifting and awesome. Cheers! Ma sister

veronica akem says:

Hi Anita awesome ,,, job ,, well done,,,keep it up.God bless you and God bless Cameroon

ParkourFaable says:

South Africa’s Fragrance in her song

RobatxD says:

I liked her voice

ChillyK3ys says:

South Africa’s Fragrance in her song

YouKnowTiTan says:

She was SOOOO amazing! 

noumbisi says:

Anita keep on the good work, the Lord will showcase your talent and use the Makossa genre to bring in the Christ consciousness:)

Charles Nkwanyuo says:

hello my sister in the Lord. i could not hold back tears from rolling down my cheeks when i listened to this beautiful Gospel Songs, it was a good blend of glamour and anointing, I am sure this is just the beginning God is taking you places. stay focus and he will see you through (Philippians 4.13)

Di Elle says:

Great song and video. May the blessing of your Ministry reach many in our community, world and beyond. Serving God encompasses all you potray in this video; joy, class, beautiful voice, dancing, glamour and total anointing of the spirit. May our LORD be forever praised and may your ministry spread like wild fire to all the corners of the earth.

Nathan Etta says:

That’s my mom I love her song say I if you have her cd

Don Julio Bats says:

Great job, Anita. This is your best video so far. And this medley totally rocks!

Anjoh Augusta says:

I was really blessed. you are a star!!!! shine shine on

nepsont says:

PSS Mankon… we learned these songs form 1..Nostalgia…!!!!!!!! thanks

bilolandibuli says:

Very nice voice, so cool!

Charles Obenofunde says:

God Bless you Anita Etta

SylvieLaCamer says:

Anita, congratulations for this nice song and video. I like your male dancer and the shots by the water. Keep up the great work. We are proud of you.



korak kk says:

Very motivating , inspirational but above all praise filled

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