Anita Etta – The Clouds Have Lifted

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Contemporary Christian Cameroon sensation Anita Etta delivers yet again; she reminds us that weeping may endure for a night but joy always comes in the morning. Are you going through a difficult time in your life? Turn it over to Jesus and he will lift every cloud!



NaomiAchuWorldWide says:

More grease, Sister Anita. Beautiful song.

Anita Etta says:

Thanks dear.

mSghiesha says:

wow ! Anita Etta is really great singer. She has a wonderful voice. I love her all songs.

kamikaza tritritri says:

Lady you have so deep voice. It is so pleasurable to hear it.

thedfreeek says:

Beautiful and touching song. You have a voice of an angel, I hope you make it trough 🙂

ngochoalongxuong says:

Good video. i like this!

trinhthiduong says:

Ohh, nice video. i like tone it

enjoyurlife87 says:

wow .. your voice more than wonderful . Nice clip and words

Hà Tuấn Anh says:

Oh that very awesome. Thanks you so much!

dyefrey says:

Nice video… Very uplifting…

ginaverdascox says:

She has a voice of an angel…

Dawid Lesniak says:

very good made video..

tita0980 says:

I love Anita. I like her songs

empty0110 says:

Very nice song.

Sattviki00 says:

This is awesome…I really enjoyed listening to it!! good video clip.

Mrddestructor says:

Very nice song, music and voice. Sweet girl! Great work!!!

whomali says:

Amazing song and video…I like !!!

GreenRotterdam says:

great song, beautiful voice. i like it

Keff Tang says:

Although this is the first time I heard this song, feel so great too..(=

alexadikal says:

A very romantic song, many will recognize themselves in it 🙂

hanumichanuma says:

Excellent song with excellent singing.

wilsonhwt2 says:

nice video … i love it

mohamed ashraf says:

very good video . i like it

Petko Petkovski says:

great video, very creative

MNbiznis says:

This is really something, I find it fantastic, made my evening.

zakasrias says:

Great work, I specially loved the lyrics, thumbs up!

SuperZivce says:

First time heard this song. It’s great, lovely voice.

Zoltan Feher says:

Beautiful lyrics, and a nice video. I like it

Ljupce Donev says:

wow this is a very beautiful song a very beautiful song Thanks

Anita Etta says:


Anita Etta says:

Thanks Naomi

JustMoiMeandI says:

Love it Nit. Can I add it to my order?… LOL

myramaimohofficial1 says:

This is very soothing!! You make really good music sis. God bless.

Pandita Eta says:

she is just amazing.. #gotta love her 🙂

BeliyForlu G says:

Lovely Rythmn.

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