Asamba Dance by Tse Louis Angwafo – Mankon

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The top performance during the golden jubilee celebrations of the 20th Fo of Mankon, HRH Fo S.A.N. Angwafo III. This is the asamba dance, led by Tse Louis Angwafo with the younger sister, Aliah, on the big drum. The governor of the north west region of Cameroon makes a speech at the ceremony.



Boniface Wewe says:

Keep it up Ala Makongne!I was born in Abakwa 50 years ago of Dschang parents but do consider myself an honorary mankon man as our compound is in Ntambag 2 (Old Town).I would use the Zulu expression of ‘hail to the chief’ to wish HRC Anye Fru Ndeh 111 continuous years of success-“BAYETE”!!!

musicaddicted001 says:

Words do not describe the myriad of emotions, after watching this, I am not Mankon, but of Bassa and bayangi parents, and PROUD of Cameroon, the name mini Africa is well deserved, the richness of culture is stupendous. Tse Louis Angwafo I take my hat of to you. IMPRESSIVE, every action in perfectly in time with music. I wish there was more with an explanation of the significance of the Asamba. More please …

Divine Dugah says:

Great job Louis. So proud

Delady Fonky says:

Great work Louis. I am so proud to be MANKON

Luke Musongong says:

When i stumbled on this video it dawn on me that I watched the live performance on that faithful day. Thus, what the most honored Prince Che Louise did and will always do is our generation’s task to carry on with what our ancestors began.

azizip171 says:

Thank you for publishing this video.

I added it to a post on my cultural blog. Google Pancocojams Spraying Money On Asamba Dancers In The Cameroons. While the focus of that post is spraying money, I’m very interested in other aspects of this video. I’d love to know more about the Asamba dance & can’t find anything online about it. I hope that some people from the Cameroon would write Wikipedia article & add comments here & on my blog about this dance.

Thanks again!
-an African American sista

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