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Traditional dance fromthe North West province of Cameroon. Sufisticated traditional environment. Colorful costumes and the beauty of nature. This video features the Njang group of the Bawum Bafut Princes and Princesses.



anicashh says:

Oh my gosh, I LOVE THIS !

FortiStudio says:

Excellent promotion of our culture

Honerin Kaeshammer says:

Thank you guys for the beautiful coments!! I really appreciate this.

nicolz lami says:

Sirri i can’t begin to tell you how much i appreciate this…thank you sooo much for this great piece of Art

abrivine says:

just wonderful

abrivine says:

Even though I don’t understand the meaning of the song, it just move me. I feel like home listening to it.

Anye Forti says:

very cool, love it. did u compose it?

Honerin Kaeshammer says:

Lamijoe and Anye, thank you all for telling me this time and again. You never know how much your words mean to me. Its great support………..thanks people.

Honerin Kaeshammer says:

Thank you for the beautiful words you are even more wonderful. God bless.

Honerin Kaeshammer says:

I’ve got alot of this stuff lying on my table and I would like to be honest to the world here. My aim is to move forward and spread this culture. I need a producer or at least a band which is ready to work in this genre. I do sing in a band presently but its not about traditional music. Please good poeple, I need your ideas on how to get further with this. I will really appreciate………….. God Bless.

Che neba says:

Mieya Mangieh Torrh, This is wonderful, I and my kids are obsessed with this music and the way you present, it is marvelous. Hey Sirri I saw that one of you clips was made at our compound is Mankanikong Bafut just wondering if you are related to the nforbin’s will like to keep in touch

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