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back to classic mboa makossa, sorry for the poor quality of some video images




Emilienne Ndongo says:

trop cool ta compil thom903


sa c’est une tres bonne compilation cas sa ma donner la nostalgie du
Cameroun mon beau pays- Merci thomas903 de m’avoir ammene back in time. 

Mettomo tangser says:

Hey thoms903 thanks for sharing you just made my day……..after listening
to some of these songs I broke down in tears because they deeply remind me
of my childhood back in Cameroon……..thank you once again for taking
time to put all these songs together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beken Francis says:

Belle compilation. jai longtemps cherche le Ben skin 3;13 avec I artiste
Isidore Modjo.

Christy Slocum says:

As an American, I have a love for Makossa. Thank you for posting this
playlist for me to enjoy.

SylvieLaCamer says:

who is the amazing woman at 2:30 singing that iconic song whose title i
should also know?

Africansoundboy says:

Pliz can someone give us/provide/write down the playlist for those of us
non Camerounians who really love this music, thx and thx so much for the
upload btw.
Kenyan in Canada.

Peter Lekunze says:

Thanks so much Thomas, some of these guys are icons, and I wonder why such
a rich cultural heritage should be let to disappear. Thinking about how
these guys in the ages with no computers to make music could have such
great talent to makes songs like this. It’s a debate we Cameroonians in the
diaspora should reflect on and hope maybe some day we can be able to bring
Cameroon’s music into the world stage. I was in the Congo-Kinshasa in 2008,
and a man working at the hotel I stayed asked for Ben Decca’s music and
that if I could give him, he will never forget me…imagine if someone in a
country could have a cherish music idol in Kamer…

TKsTKsTK says:

J’adore le Bend skin à la fin (3:12).
Thank’s Thom

vicky nicky says:

good collection

Hélène Tillieux says:


Neldogs Euloge says:

du vrai makossa sa me rappelle mon enfance.. comment faire pour téléchargé
sa en audio svp???

Ekane Kalle says:

Hall of Fame Stuff!!!

thoms903 says:
delwanda delaure says:

Musique fantastique le bon vieux temps de l’age d’or de la musique du mboa
bravo aux artistes vs faites la fierte de tout un peuple perdu a la
recherche de son identite et ses reperes fier et jaloux de son patrimoine
culturel …retour aux sources de manjo a bangangte en passant par ngambe
tikar et douala

nche martin says:


Christy Slocum says:

Beautiful music.. I love it! Thanks thoms903!

C'est la vie... says:

quand c est bon c est bon!!!

Simuben WanTatah says:

thank you for posting this! it’s like an soundtrack to my childhood!

nadmessamena says:

Cool, Merci pour le mix

Rintintín says:

Lo máximo que hay en Makossa

firminmusik says:

Douces saveur !!!! Va savoir 


thanxxx for posting…

amini alexis ahouzi says:

Troooop bon !!

Leo Sheila says:

Wow, Dikom lam la moto…que de souvenirs….Thank you.

Italyta Layka says:

hey looking for RANTAMPLAN old music


ancien makossa

mamadu fenda balde says:

Como se chama esta bella cantora?

meyanga georges fernand says:

Evidemment du très bon makossa, j’aime bien…
Hou la la, ça me rappelle quelque chose dans le genre que j’avais entendu à
la rue Pau à Douala, il y a de cela très longtemps; c’était l’orchestre
BLACK STYLE avec Nelé Eyoum. ce fut notamment mon baptême au makossa ce
soir là, ensuite je suis allé passer ma nuit à l’hôtel “Beauséjour”… Le
temps passe si vite…

marc combes says:

je vais t envoyer rantemplan

nadege tania essoh says:

tres contente d’ecouter a nouveau celui a 2:22. Comment s’appelle t-il? 

mimia says:

thanks talented!

Xonetou1 says:

mouallezzzzzzzzzz merci thom bouge bouge ton corppppppppppppppppp Putain
que c’est bonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Roland Wango says:

quand le pays etait encore le pays… o dear fatherland

thepractitionerzs says:

thank you very much.

Pascal Tagueu Fopa says:

overgood music in cameroon, the reference of africa

Dino Rubio says:

Pliz can someone give us/provide/write down the playlist for those of us
non Camerounians who really love this music, thx and thx so much for the
upload btw.

Rostand Kameni says:
Gilles Momo says:
Koulsoumi Hamman says:

merci g me régale……

Madeleine N says:


denis lamfor says:

Real Cameroon makossa singing with inspiration

Danny Ngwa says:

thanks 4 uploadin gud musiz

SuperAfrica2011 says:

waoouuu SAMSAM CHAUD GAR….. je cherche ses chasson depuis….. merci!!

rc51sp2002 says:


Jerome Vlerick says:

Desole de quoi c’est juste incroyable ce que tu nous réunis là! MERCI gars

Louise Vosgien says:

Quelle merveille, et quelle nostalgie d’écouter tous ses ANCIENS MAKOSSA
C’est sans aucun doute un vrai RETOUR AU BOA.
Merci pour l’initiative.

Primus Esose says:

Back in the days, 1989. What a sound.

rc51sp2002 says:

Beautiful – please tell me what the music is at 1:50:10.

hokagealex says:

Qui est la premier chanteuse? Ja’i oublie sa noms./Who is the first singer?
I forgot her name

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