Bate Nico – MANYU

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Bate Nico / Nkongho Regina, traditional folklore artists on the rising, calls on manyu unity, both men & women as to enhance developments. Manyu, a division blessed with milks and honey, underdevolped, full of selfish and self central individuals.



DonDIRINE says:

it is actually the voice of manyu and portrays the realities. ohhhhhhh am sooooooooo proud have come from manyu yesssssss i mean proud. everywhere on earth u will find somebody from manyu, some of us even live in moon. hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!! man no go kill he self

DonDIRINE says:

ohhhhh!!!! manyu….anyway, there is mud everywhere on earth, even here in europe there is also snow mud. Bate nico am so glad of you because ur video has taken the lurics from manyu to a new era. keep it up

Menguekwesantaos says:

DonDIRINE, I’m not happy on the point that there’s mud everywhere. That means Manyu should remain in Mud? We have to do something about this issue. How long are we going to be suffering, i’m a typical son of manyu, I’m shot of words to tell you the nature of Ekok- Mamfe road. I have travelled through many times going to Nigeria. The road is only passable with Motorcycles” Okoda”

SuperAfrikanqueen says:

Boh Manyu

MrEbais says:

But CPDM IN USA, BRITAIN, GERMANY are all empowered by MANYUS

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