Bate Nico & Nkongho Regina – Ezoh Njom Akat

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Bate Nico and Nkongho Regina, his wife, are Manyu Born Folklore artists and hail from Kembong and Ossing (cameroon) respectively.

They have been in the entertainment industry since 1990 and are now one of the most charming, dedicated Manyu rising stars and folklore Singers. They have since recorded 3 Albums in Kenyang and Ejagham. Their imagination, creativity, and a combination of blended taditional and cultural lead vocals / local musical intruments thrill thousands of fans everyday.

Some of their popular tracks include “If man no die”, “Mmon aree mmon”, “Wube bi zi eba”, “Nyen a nob”, “Ndaack”. It should be noted that Bate Nico was classified as the best folklore Singer in 2006 by the “Amongst Youth Magazine”.



joeroland2222 says:

oh my god this is my mom village

thoreen tarhsong says:

i kove this song.. i cant stop dacing..i love u Bate Nico..mbang… mbang ,,,,tikini

tikashtheone says:

Joeroland2222, please what village is this? I am from Manyu too but I really do not know the village in this clib.

encorelui2 says:

Got to be Bayangi or Bakweri…I bad for mix up that tow great cultures them

urukpeleke says:

wow dis is similar 2 efik

urukpeleke says:

i kno i cant cuz in igbo lol

DonDIRINE says:

ohhhh!!!! I can quit remember this sound when i was in the villageat upper bayang sometimes in the monthof March 2009. The soung is sooooooooooooooo nicccccccccccccccccccccce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adolf Agbormbai says:

Real obasinjom music. The obasinjom dancer could do much better.

893726 says:

Great cultural display guys. Well done. I felt so relaxed listening and watching the display and the sound. It took me right back home. Not from Manyu but similar to my clan’s traditional music (NW), close to Manyu.
You are encouraged to continue selling Cameroonian culture and reminding the diaspora about home. Will check on this when I return home in the course of this year.

babedamour says:

Wa! Papa nice U are doing fine job out there…more courage

Arreydeclan says:

This music makes me remember my late wife.this was the last music i saw her dancing when i went on vacation december 2008.Baby i will always love u and your memories will live with me for ever.

alobase says:

The dance seems similar to the oroko dance where the shoulders are also used.

alobase says:

I am a bakundu hobby drummer and it is astounding how this reminds me of our songs. My uncle is married to a bayang lady for about 30yrs and the dance 25yrs ago was a little different. I heard a little was borrowed from Oroko who also borrowed the elephant dance from the Bakwernpeople. No intention to undermine this performance. Just stating how much we have in common and kudos to Bate Nico 4 his great performance.i

freddoE5000 says:

This is a great hit man. a perfect outlook of a typical African artistry where music, comedy and cultural practices most often are indistinguishable. good job Bate

MyArrah1 says:

best of the best…we thank you so much for this great obasinjom classic…we the manyu people have been longing for a classic like this…keep it up…Manyu Rising star…U are already risen and u shall rise more…peace!

didi onielle says:

ohhhhh i’m proud to b a manyu girl giv me more bate nico

camerboy123 says:

Njum ekat was another thing in history as a testament to how men cheated women. In Ejagham in ancient times if a woman were to commit adultry she must do Njum ekat and tell the village of her wrong doing. If a man were to do it it is almost an honor

babedamour says:

Wonderful!…Thanks for this piece …courage ma bros

besson17 says:

courage my bros like is

baby jus says:

when ever i listen to this song i cant resist the beatings, proud to come from this part of cameroon. good job i like this

jimmy20367 says:

that is great bate, i can’t skip a single day without listenning to a few of ur tracks, we are behind u bate keep up we need more romantic blues

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