Beza Beris – Never Give Up

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Cameroonian Gospel music by Beza Beris.



njentse says:

thanks a million for posting this song. You  have made my day.

SuperBbest says:

This music is realy encouraging. God bless you sister and may your inspiration continue to grow higher and higher. thank you

mazziniable says:


Constance Vega says:

This is very divine and inspiring. Many have come to knopw the Lord, but afflictions and persecution bopth from the devil and the world and even brethren have tormented their lives ,and the question God why all this. But all man no matter if they are christiansd or non[-chritian are not infalliable. All have sin and come short of the glory of God there is none that is perfect. So do not go back because of A HUMAN BEING FOR HE OR SHE IS JUST FLESH AND NOT CHRIST,. STAY FOCUS ON jESUS. gOD BLESS

TheJulia2886 says:

Thanks so much for posting this song I can’t stop u are blessed sister

bouncybrat109 says:

i luv u!!!

Pauline Cacahuette says:

Bien chanté. on dirait elle s,adresse à moi. AMEN

minerva766 says:

love to song

voiletforben says:

thumbs up sis Bezza Beris may God give u more strength!!!

Fevant Fon Fonong says:

Sis God bless you abundantly. Time is another name for God for HE made it for a purpose. Every stage in live is a class in God’s school; training you for a task ahead. This applies to all those who believe and trust in HIM as the Alpha an Omega, Creator of the Universe – which is one of HIS names.

Fevant Fon Fonong says:

Sister what are your contacts in Cameroon on wherever you are.

Lilian Mbewe says:

great message of the hour!!

Glory be to almighty God for your talent

delphine mumbari says:


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