CYF PC Nsimeyong – gospel 1

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Gospel Music From cameroon
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douck2 says:

Thanks for this beautiful song … i’m so happy when i listen this song of
lord because it make me remenber many things

Chacha5678 says:


OuestCam says:

Un peu de tolerance…ils savent pourquoi ils ont choisi le drapeau
americain…Plaignez vous au pilleurs qui ont mis le Cameroun à
doute que c’est le Cameroun qui a financé la production de cette belle
oeuvre musicale. Belle musique sur un fond musical typiquement
Camerounais…Longue Vie à tous le groupe..J’adore..

benbrunotwo says:

blessed is cameroon

Baliaba hugues françois says:

bonne chance que DIEU vous benisse

mpehtarh says:

why the American flag? Are they ashamed of thiers.

LaBelle339 says:

@rafbabes Yeah you are right… M1 studio programmed the audio in Buea.But
the video was done in yaounde by CYF.

Holonavtt says:


Fru Nkwenti says:

@ndamjo i wonder my brother.

ndamjo says:


Forche Raphealla says:

the last time i check the song was sang in Buea how come you all r talking
about yaounde?

swagnelva says:

jes cameroon have a vlag

fonkeu kyllie says:

what nonsense we should be proud of our own flag our own nationality!!!

Fru Nkwenti says:

Why American flag?Doesnt CMR hve a flag of its own that is even
prettier?Isn’t this called treason?I didnt imagine we stil hve this level
of brainwashed CMRnians who hold that everything America/west is
better.Soon we’l take up the chinese flag when they take over as super
power.(disgusting).Instead of promoting our own course so that we can some
day measure up.Love the clip though.But pls be more patriotic.Ur voices are
beatiful ‘cos u come from the beatiful ctry called CMR.Show some respect

Drake Beuyet says:

Very goog this song.plase i need to know where the born again church is
located in yaounde pleqse help me this is my phone num,ber 75352652 thanks

Aquinate Aquin says:

daccord avec toi!!!

MultiSeraf says:

si le president HAYIDJO pouvait revenir et voir son Cameroun…”A BIYA DZE

Forche Raphealla says:

@LaBelle339 thanks alot

92triny says:

c est pas parecekon est anglophone qu on oubli son pays o point de mettre
le drapeau des états unis au debut du clip c est NUL

CameroonStar says:

@ndamjo Yes, Cameroon does have a flag.

Fru Nkwenti says:

@ndamjo U can ask that again my bro!

ebenye82 says:

What a lovely choir. I think u guys did just what it entails to form a
choir. More power to ur elbow. “Allez les CYF Nsimenyong, yaounde”.

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