CYF PC Nsimeyong – gospel 2

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Gospel music from cameroon



Isaac EBOLE-T says:


phantafreak08 says:

ohh gooottttttt…da könnte ich ja gleich ins phantasialand gehn…:D

yabz e says:

used to worship at nsimeyong catholic church. this is awesome work. keep it

Daddykay2010 says:

This is truly awesome, i give God the glory. Where can one really get this?
i should try eBay but i’m not very sure yet.

jeiloveline says:

oh my God,this is a good one guys…..keep on

Lizeth L says:

Jesus bless Cameoroon

el capo says:

keep on guys

kou belloalino says:

GOD bless cameroon…

74595036 says:

excellent music, soul-blessing

MultiSylvanus says:

love this song so much. i really miss CYF. together, in fellowship. in
fellowship, with christ. may the almight God bless you all and continue to
give you wisdom so that you may preach his word and heal the world.

adeline ijang says:

Waooo CYF I thank u for giving me a good foundation. East mongo North
Oyeee. I remember this conductor from Nsimeyong. Ahead CYF

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