EKAMBI BRILLANT – wa nde we nu na tondi no

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geremie2 says:

le grand ekambi brillant , tu restes le pere de slow camerounais

Brice Nitcheu says:


Brice Nitcheu says:

One of the precious blue collection of a Great Man. If this track can’t move you, you have no soul

Omboa3 says:

Oh, nostalgie. Que des perles. Merci, damajes.

francobolizer says:

chante l’amour…

damajes says:


Patrice Boum says:

le lancement de ce tune a douala au DOMINO comme tous les dimanches apres-midi vers les annees1966. ce dimanche la etait juste tt particulier. I was a very young teenage then, and that country was very rich cleaned and organized. we were young willing and able. where did we go wrong, the country turned out to be a messy one. any way thanks man for sharing by bringing this up

psfzg says:

Vive le Cameroun ; )

mannorun says:

Fait quoi fait quoi c’est toi que j’aime…

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