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nalemngu1 says:

very nice music sister Tekeh, but however i would recommend more practice from the dancers,Music is not all about message and voice but also dansing,The harmony of which makes the digestion more appetitizing for the audience.The Nigerian gospel singers have understood this and you can check it out yourself.So please fellow dansers practice well cos honestly the dansing pattern hmmm does not move me in particular

li2116 says:

nice music sister.it touch my soul all the time i ove u so much.keep on

amour000x says:

thank u for posting. one of the best musician for me. super message

MrSibeau says:

Bravo my sister.

anitaetta says:

God bless you my sister for these words of Godly wisdom, he that has ears may he hear the word of the Lord!

Sam Kimbi says:

Sister Tekeh, you look more beautiful, I mean everything in this second album is far more better than the first, even your dressing and the music, looking much more younger. This is the Glory of God. I hope to meet you one day. I live in England but I bought your first album in Cameroon.

michaelmuusers says:

Dear sister may the lord JESUS CHRIST bless you more in JESUS name amen!
appreciation from Holland

michaelmuusers says:

Dear sister may the Lord JESUS CHRISTbless you more in Jesus name!
Appreciation from Holland

sisteryaime says:

beautiful prophetic words that called upon the Holy Spirit of the Lord to come down and touched me and fulfilled me while i was listen to each and every words of this song. to God be the glory for this song. i pray that the Good Lord don’t never hide His powerful words from your knowledge, so you can always bring’em to the public. God bless

MrTaptso says:

thank’s for posting.

terenson says:

you are welcome. God bless….. as you watch.

chinyere7112 says:

that is soooooooooo gud , i love it sis carry goooo

montellia says:

Wonderful music Beautiful voices and what a Word! The dancing is fantastic too! The people of your country have such beautiful harmony!.

Anamoiable1000 says:

Tekeh. Listening this song really motivate my spirit. May God bless you woman of God. Nobody will ever change this world of sin, unless he or she is used by the holy ghost, because this are exactly the things we encounter today in our churches. I am one of your brother in Christ or I can call you my Mom, I am also a gospel songs-writer. And one of my track in Album released last year was about “ We need holy spirit to Change our life” Once again be bless and inspired Tekeh.

Anthony KOHEBAH says:

Je suis vraiment beni par cette music qui communique l’humility a mon esprit dans le service du Seigneur Jesus Christ. Que le Pere de gloire continue de vous benir au nom de Jesus Christ le Seigneur!

leland sallor says:

Like this song

Alena D says:

Your words are so beautiful and really touch me. We know that everything we have and are is only because of God’s goodness. We can’t even breathe without Him. Blessed me His name. Thank you! Rev Helen/USA.

aboroluc says:

Oh Lord! I thank you so much for your servant Sis Elie,may your glory descend again in a new dimension upon her as you use this song to touch hearts and change lives in the body of Christ through the wonderful choice of words your daughter has used in Jesus name…amen.

Nadia Tala says:

We thank you sister because indeed, God made you what you are to bless us all

Fevant Fon Fonong says:

I wish people will understand that whatever they are in life it is not by their power but by God’s doing, God bless you woman of God to continue in your ministry. Fonong Fevant Fon

tucksattack33 says:

jaime bien cette chansons je mets la note de 542854/20 c vraiment bien hello a yam french togo jadore ke tt le mond e maite jaime mrc bcp voté bcp cette chansons amen elisabeth téké et be,is sa c fait bonne journé 🙂

bbyuyada says:

I can listen to this sister over and over again, all her music is wonderful, blessing to you dear sister Tekeh

Irma Mbakop says:

i love this song i can’t stop listening to it.the message is so deep

BeliyForlu G says:

Honestly, There is a uniqueness in how this lady places her wording in song. KUDOS. 🙂 GodBless.

Lé TouTou says:

it is really not by might bot power, but by the spirit of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

delphine mumbari says:


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