Elizabeth Tekeh – When The Holy Ghost Comes

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Cameroon praise and Worship with Elizabeth Tekeh



kou belloalino says:

Sister Elizabeth God blessed you…

Sam Kimbi says:

I hope every one discovers their gift. Continue to serve God with humility.

Quikie LaFlamme says:

We are nothing without the Holy Ghost!!!

Grace Marie says:

Wow she hs gained soo much weight.

mebunegeorge says:

Great worship music. God blessings on your life. Holy Ghost inspires. Amen

stelinet says:

Amen. May God continue to bless you as you bless nations.

ajengx says:

Very encouraging. Thank you sister Elizabeth. May God continue to bless you

papi jo says:

Thanks sister Elizabeth,.Very touching, may God bless you.

ursular28 says:

Honestly speaking, i am not being carnal, I am thanking God for this sister everyday, she is such an inspiration but the truth is that I never liked watching her first album because she looked like a typical villager but now she looks like a real princess. God is good.

Pascal NDJIP says:

Mon coeur il est en joie et mes larmes de joie m’envahissent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

terenson says:

God bless you!

terenson says:

God bless you!

Dante jackson says:

This lady’s song touches and represent the struggles of the masses I am luvn it.

petra kiwo says:

this music makes me think of beautiful country cameroon i love it it draws me very close to God and even bring down tears

delphine mumbari says:


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