Eta Mandenge – Ekpe Dance

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Manyu Music -Cameroon Music – African Music.



Menguekwesantaos says:

Eta ajahoooooooo. This is great ,Please keep it up

Menguekwesantaos says:

Nfor Eta, Infact you have done it. Culture is indeed an Identity.

mohntaiegbe says:

Etta, u’ve done a great job, This piece mkes me proud of my cultural heritage. Keep it up.

ginachrist1 says:

manyu o yehhhhh. It is a pride coming from manyu. thanks for promoting the manyu culture.

djt241 says:

this could easily pass for something from south eastern nigeria

Betty Agbor says:


nepsont says:

most of south eastern areas of Nigeria used to be Cameroon, or Kamerun in the days of German colonial masters. we were all same people before someone sat somewhere and drew lines to divide us

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