Featurist – BABAAH danse du grand père

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(Clip Officiel HD)

Nouvelle danse qui puise son inspiration dans les célébrations des buts du grand 9 Samuel Eto’o a consommer sans modération. Chanson produite par White House Music, mixée et masterisée par Winneybeats.
New dance from Featurist, the Cameroon group artists who dedicates the music to the legendary footballer Samuel Eto’o with the Old man Dance.






Chimezie Pascal says:

Babaah samuel eto’o

Aïsha Nsiempba says:

trop cool

romuald wilfried tchouli ngassa says:

Cool les gar!

Morgane Freeman says:

Bian travailler les amis du courrage et bonne chance

rock kassoum Coulibaly says:

J’aime grave

tunyi akongbom says:

this is really good.

Felicien Lobe Medi says:

Brilliant I am your evolution since the launch of wakiliwassa and you are
courage lè featurist le travail paye…

corine edo says:

très dansant j’ador

Câline Ida says:

les paroles sont balèzes

ras raoul says:

la je me reconnait “njouatse” “fitse” njouatse” “fitse”

Yvan Mandio says:

C le lait c la patte du song ca vas faire la tension dans les djocka

picolo lario says:

very nice song bcp de courage

franck ngodi says:

Le son des fêtes 2014 dans tous les maquis du kmer

mitch obama says:

video concept is great man atleast cameroon is on the map
wouna really try
man must support cameroon

sara ongueneminaj says:

Cool je kiff

Gorbi Norbit says:

Sac de son!!!! Trop mortel!!!!!!!! zadorrrrrrrrr

celistyle marquez says:

la mort du song….babaah

Cédric Ntounga says:

cooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllll u ns fais vibrer courage

ewi lovert says:

A remix will be dope

sarah says:

bravo ls gars bne continuite!!!!mem o states on aime ce song sait la babbah

Eve Lor says:

Non mais les gars vous assurez hein..jnarriv pa a ecouter ce son une seule
fois depuis ke jvou ai découvert sur Jambo l emmision.
Bravo jecoute et je partage la bne humeur a mes amis partou ds le
monde…yemalé malé malé

Warren Olivier says:

Very good

Wenby Byby says:

Vous avez faire fort je suis fan

Anne Hogbe says:


fene grace says:

g xui malad mai g danx kan memmmmn LolLLLLL TRO cooooolllll

james jack says:

Featurist Officiel. J’ai écouté vos songs et j’adore. Try your best to
promote your music. There’s still a long way to go but i believe u’re gonna
make it in africa in trough out africa.I’m gonna let my friends know about
your songs. Can’t stop listenning to them. Must of them are full of senses.
Big Up . Wanna see you on Trace TV an most popular Tv channels. Papa Eto’o
gonna laugh when he sees this song.Big up men

Tcheungoue Darole says:

j’adore trop babaah c’est la mort.

verdianie fodja says:

kouacsse jouacsse chouacsse fouacsse chouacsse kouacsse kouacsse

Atangana WILFRIED says:

LE TOUR SI CHAPEAU LES GARS!!!!! Continue to shine Brothers.

jackiee Minka says:

wopseuh wopseuh wopseuh wopseuh #babaah je m’en lasse pas de ce son

Featurist Officiel says:
steve pipo says:

C top c top ca donnnnnnnnnnn

Cynthia Tizi says:

# 237 area cosd Featurist Babaah “danse du grand père” clip offi…:

Dianké Tchabo says:

trop cool cette musique sa prouve qu’on est en Afrique
j’adore si je pouvais je le danserais tous les jour

Anthony ngop-loti says:

Papa Samuel Eto’o est vrai un avant-gardiste…Une célébration de but qui
devient une sacrée oeuvre artistique! un pas de danse mis en valeur par un
groupe camerounais #MadeInCameroon #BenSkin #Featurist Je kiffe à mourir ce

Papa Malick Diaw says:

Trop nice les gars…….mourinho va être vénère!!LooOLL!!!!
Crieux jadore et disons k C un petit hommage à Samuel Eto’o!!!
biiggg upppppp LE FEATURIST!!


Love this.just creative all the way.

Alain Shey says:

I love this guys with the new dance. Thanks to BABAAH Eto le grand 9

White House Music says:

BRAVO Featurist!!! #WhiteHouseMusic vous soutien… #WinneyBoss

Anne Hogbe says:

CAMEROON all the wayyyyyyyyyy

soledda soleil says:

laaa mooooooort du song massa je narrete pas decouter le clip est beau
2035 oyééé

perlerareblack says:

Je kiff k sauf!!! BABAAH ouilililililili BABAH !! 237 au bosso <3<3

aiee69 says:

fière d’etre kmere

Kokoi Linda says:

super les gars mon do me fesait mem deja mal loooooool

Koko D says:

its just a copy of “kpangor” {la danse de la grande mere }.pfff et on parle
de creativite..anyway cest pas mal

Nancy Dione says:

Babaah dance go kill me ohhh! U too much!!! This song has been on permanent
replay ever since i got it. Thumbs up guys Camer way to goooooooo!!!!!!!

Prod Mabas says:

Bon son… Merci pour la dédicace du Djazzé… C’est la preuve que la
musique n’a pas de frontière bien exécuter en plus bravo ! 

obi oxygen says:

seriously,this days you can’t differentiate between naija music and music
from neighboring countries.. sounds much like naija songs and the artist
themselves sound naija too.anyway,i enjoyed the video.morinho need to see
this,,he beefed the wrong guy

Ani A. says:

I love my fellow neighbors (Nigerians) but i need you stop this nonsense
about how other African musicians are “stealing your moves or your beats”.
Na which kine nonsense be dat ? .Don’t forget that Cameroonians and other
Africans have been dancing to this kind of music long before Afrobeat
(which I love dearly) music took off. don’t act like Nigerians were not
dancing to Cameroonian Makossa and Congolese “Ndombolo ” (and Soukous as
well) … This song and this dance are direct results of Ben sikin music, a
genre and Dance from West Cameroon which people have been dancing long
before Afrobeat was around. So if anything, we created this particular beat
.. but that isn’t the point , as similar rthyms and dance moves have
circulated through Africa for decades if not centures. I understand that,
Nigeria is a heavily populated country and quite frankly, Nigerians are
everywhere.. however, as proud Cameroonian, and supporter of all things
African, i will not tolerate disrespect and arrogance from people of any
country. You don’t have to like us Cameroonians, but you will respect us.
Mek wuna stop noise about “copy copy” becoz no man no di copy wuna …
Cameroonians na proud people, and we get ouwa own styles dem. And for the
last damn time, Cameroonians speak pidgin too! parts of the country
(Northwest and Southwest) were once under British colonial rule for over a
century. Educate yourselves, abeg.

Featurist Officiel says:

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