Featurist – Elle est Bamileke

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Love has no age nor religion nor limit but it has only one heart, but as it is blind, just close our eyes to blindness and love deeply. GLORY BE TO THE GOD

L’amour n’a ni âge ni religion ni limite mais il n’a qu’un seul cœur, mais comme il est aveugle, fermons juste les yeux pour aimer aveuglement et profondément. GLORY BE TO THE GOD




Rui Carvalho says:
arlette ngassa says:

très belle chanson et du courage pour la suite

S.P Azztiger says:

Peut on peindre un Flamy ??

Pikachouchou Vortex says:

Le prochain apelle le Facebook

Rick Djes says:
Gouled Mohamed says:

Teens react to comedy shorts gamer!!! :D

frankfreitas1 says:

Omg the division looks insane, def a must buy and isn’t dying light out?

djanatou says:

les gars j’adorrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Bertrand Jules says:

tres cool , jaime le bit 

Rosine Bela says:

Team #237 bravo

lylyana Zarela says:

my mouth was watering lolzz <3 thank u 4 sharing

hary arentes says:

les bamileke ton fait koi

FuckoBueno says:

Ca veut dire quoi

“elle est dangerous, elle est bamileke…?”

Ils sous-entendent quoi…?

prince roby says:

prods By princeRoby (les featurists-elle est Bamiléké)

DoomTuffy CP says:

I just got on the xbox,and I just noticed I don’t have live anymore -_- It
said it was going out in august…..
Sorry :(

Yannick Fogang says:

Belle mélodie célébrant sans perversité la femme Africaine et Bamileke en
particulier. Go Ahead!

hajid ameen says:

did you even get paid the 500$ a week?

juda jean says:

bravo les gars jsui fier et digne d’etre bamiléké merci pour votre
attention du courage la route est longue et épineuse mais grace a GOD vous
etes sur la bonne direction

Sokawaii808 says:


Sarah Joslin says:

i cannot thank you enough for uploading this. 

dimitri pende says:

voici le son d lheure……….. Gar kan c bon il faut encourager

ines degalant says:

i looove this …..

IT17 Gaming FR says:

toujours au top pouki ;)

Kelly Dunham says:

im so beyond proud of you for making this video

Gorbi Norbit says:

Les filles bamiléké les plus belles, tu connais featurist!!!

Dounile Manebou says:

c’est la mort du song!!!

Ban says:

1:13 10/10 Triple A title 2oogyboogy4me

Tony Gee says:

Just young gifted minded man grinding for every dime, learn you can have ah
heart of ah man
and ah pride of ah lion but can yu keep it silent tip toe don’t let em hear
you walk in this crooked world full lot of feds who ain’t even feds that ah
blast yo soul away so I’ll call em fake mfs that don’t wanna see you make
it, fck em It’s time for peace so I shake yo hand before I every think you
as my enemy I’t time to put them guns down and feast and show em how real
niggaz eat group up like piranhas 

louis blake says:

Rien d’intéressant à prendre dans le texte.

marie claire karine nseke says:

je yamo grave, bravoo la culture du Cameroun !!

prisca ateba says:

merci à vous les gars!!continuez de valoriser la culture camerounaise avec
de la ZIK charmante qui n a rien à reprocher à celle des occidentaux et qui
nous fait aimer encore plus notre beau pays!! vous etes tres talentueux!
Dieu vous bénisse!

Junior Epanda Epanda says:

Great . Very Good Song. Prouf of you My dears

julien manuel says:

Du courage freres

steve pipo says:

Oouuhhaaooouuu… g sui rester stupefai par le talen d c gar, la qualiter
du song et le montage video oci.c un truk de ouffff
Tou semplemen bravo.CULTURE KAMER EN AVAN

natacha tankeu says:

trop cooool je suis addict de cette musik je l’ecoute enkor et enkor du
courage les gars. je vs kiff gravvvvvv!!!!!!!!

Rick Djes says:
Tim Lynch says:

I wish PJ would do a tour of Clubs in America. I have seen the in
Basketball and Hockey Arenas every time. Both times I saw them at US Bank
Arena the sound freaking Echoed off the Giant Scoreboard hanging from the
ceiling. Pittsburgh`s Energy Console area had awesome acoustics, but if
you are in the stands it feels weird standing in the same spot for 5 hours.
Rupp Arena had nice sound too, but they will never go back to KY for some
Club shows are awesome, or at least a place like Louisville Gardens used to
be that is 100% G.A. with no floor seats and fitted 5k-6k people.
My next request would be Louisville Palace, and some venues like that.
Then lastly Outside in a field, no seating. Just A stage and some

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