Gamun Martin – Adin Ngoh

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African Music from Cameroon Highlands. Traditional Bafut Bottle Dance. Recorded in June 2007 in Bafut Palace



chegwan says:

When i saw this video, i could not contain my pleasure. I am proud to be from Bafut, and from Mforya in Particular. I use this video to make fun of all other villages that do not have videos on UTUBE.
Chegwan, USA.

unclobobny says:

I am planning a trip to africa. I’ve heard Bafut is a great place to visit to learn about different animals. Can anyone post any videos about the surrounding? Thankx.

eimmul says:

nice….Bafut is steppin up…Keep it up!!

RABISO says:

the rhythm is very nice!!

Tatiana LadyCamer says:

they are not Nigerians
they’re Cameroonians

mixsy007 says:

thumbs up

shittygnome says:


Reikikeisha says:

they look very lazy or tired but love the costumes

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