Gamun Martin – Akwa Kwa

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African Music from Cameroon Highlands. Traditional Bafut Bottle Dance. Recorded in June 2007 in Bafut Palace.



africanpride69 says:

Bafut oh yea.

eimmul says:

i miss Bafut!!

nathanielag says:

not to be rude but… HOW YALL GET CAMERAS!?!?!

aliemarati2000 says:

How did you learn to write and use computers? notoberude

TheJahMann says:

no offense, your freaky mom gave it to them

fabiolaeric says:

je me demande pourquoi on laisse toubab pénétrer nos traditions. Côté musique, j’apprécie

RABISO says:


vixxy02 says:


HavanaSei says:

it’s just great! so cool what a groove my god!

Bret Reno says:

excuse me but wtf is this?

Blo00000000 says:

more then likely it was a staged performance dance. Take a look at the video and you’ll see a white woman shaking to the beat. Also, if you look at their faces you will see that they seem to be more relaxed as if they were just play acting.

iFlickTV says:

funny asf lol.

SecularOrnina says:

great music and drum!!!!

DarkLadyJade says:

Music from the African continent is greatly underrated.

18tani87 says:


fjeinca says:

Very nice and interesting cultural music and dance (Cameroonian Bufut is new to me). I hope that you get some non-demo video editing software, and that lip-sync stuff is harder than it looks, no? Anyway, thanks and well done. More, more!

ISIKNH says:

The music is extremly good. Africa, I love you and the peoples under your sun. but where is the text???

brysonauraha says:

o hell no

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