Gasha ft Magasco – Faya di burn

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envy valery says:

U 2 are an example to cam artists.

Dominique Hodieb says:

That’s so much professionnal!! KmerRepresent!! Keep up miss!! so proud,
soul soul, wonderful voices, song, beat; all!!

Ejoh Natty White says:

Gasha u the best..

T N Edmond says:

thump up camer

SentFromHeaven says:

Aww I LOVE IT!!! Let’s keep the Faya Burning :). #team237forever 

saskia aleseh says:

Am in love w this concept..great work

nana jacques says:

cool Mr magasco & gasha

Mary Tataw says:

Great job guys…gasha looks flawless!!!

peggy petgang says:

This is music with a message.. love you Gasha.. 

El Diablo Dj Officiel says:

Gasha tu as un Voix Juste Magnifique.Big Up Magasco #Respect #team237 

christian nana says:

Wouahh!!! Gasha ❤️ & Magasco

Hans Mbah says:

This game only gets better…..Its no happy friends happy celebration in
here people, The two was hard at work to come with this most def….its a
competition.Where u standing, supporter, then give it a standing ovation if
u believe, if another artist, let your pace race between these
races……Tha Uncle. Gasha and Magasco, Repect…..

khan Eric says:

This gives me a kind of Ketty Perry feeling..but then it’s so very unique,
genuine and honest vocals…real lyrics…I’m loving it


ART; It either moves you or doesn’t.
Outside the box, mayb too far
But I love it

Cocoa Na Chocolate says:

Amazing video…….relaxing song love

valery atowo says:

1 word = speechless….

Peguy Djeutchang says:

de la balle ce clip pouh je me lase pas

Antoinette Rodriguez Patterson KIng says:

#Gasha, our fave up-and-coming Cameroonian singer has a new video out and
she’s as wonderful as always! True talent knows no borders.

Gasha – Faya di burn ft Magasco (Official Video HD)

dukamer Babe says:


junko guiass says:

Yeah this is what I’m talking about. this is Art to the core!

Sahndra Fon Dufe says:

yessssss!!!1 what a sexyy!!!!

eric KAM says:

hop for camer spirutual zic pour un pays malade ou le remede c la

Lizzie Pamen says:

I’m in love with this song!!! Good job guys…keep it coming…#Team+237
all day everyday

ahny says:

Magnifique. Please Gasha, what is the title of the song you performed at
Jambo yesterday? It was insanely good like all your songs

Giresse Martial says:

Merde le gar çi va me tuer!!! t’es trop fort Bamenda Boi!!!

Njita Nadine says:

wowww…love tlyrics, the voices, the people..!!!!

Alain Shey says:

You two are just perfect in the sense. Let the fire burn.

Laura Deek says:
jennifer tangu says:

Standing ovation.

ongola ongola says:

This is different. It makes the difference. The production team should keep
making differences. Go tell ya patron say na me tok

Ignacio Maninho says:

Il faut continuer sur ta lancée.

Eugene Leelen says:

OMG, I like the collabo, great voices. A classic video. Thumbs up. Permit
me point this out, after listening to the piece over and over, the words
and the beatings just don’ t seem to blend. I strongly suggest that you
guys give it to a someone who does not know you both as to be overtaken by
your swag and not critically analyse the piece. Let them critically analyse
this piece especially noting the fact that there could be an issue around
the wordings and the accompanying beats. All in all, you guys are doing a
great job.

Eugene Ndamukong says:

Wow, the final mix is dope compared to the original version

mbassa stephane says:

Proud to be a camer when i see that !!

Akanda Emah says:

Gasha n Magasco killing it.Love u guys

mabuka jean-robert says:

le feu brule

Ani A. says:

Great Job Cameroonians ! Keep Bringing us faya! We di feel wuna.

Chucky M.O.B says:


Mahohi2 says:

Speechless… #Gasha #magascoefsi #cameroon #hiphopmusic #music 

Dibo Akale says:

Awesome awesome awesome

Derick Shalo says:

“If you die na you backfire”. That is deep, and brutally honest. What
studio was this song produced in??

king stone says:

WOow wOow wOow!! J’adore le clip, le message vehiculé, le beat bref… je
vous aime les gars Gasha, Magasco (y) pouce en l’air!

Mahohi2 says:

“Despite all the faya…
There’s still hope…
always hope..”
Tibu Cheh
#hiphop #Gasha #Magasco #music #cameroon #afrobeat #hope

mosina nasako says:

i enjoy am hahahahahahahahaha 

sibericoo says:
Derick Shalo says:

“If you die na you backfire”. That is deep, and brutally honest. What
studio was this song produced in??

Luke Sheldon says:

Ears Open Eyes Open level and straight/strait….

Y Fai says:

I think she is the only Cameroonian female RnB artist that would go far.-
She is good and can do good songs.

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