Gasha ft Zegeman – The Date

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Ok!!! so I borrowed grand ma’s wig, called my very reluctant but loving brothers n baby cousins, n then got Pazzo to do a video… and “the date” drops! who says my job is not fun??? God bless!!





tohnain nguo says:

good video thums up

Susan Marieta says:

good work Gasha #team237 @keepUp

ntomdih fabrice says:

yeahhh…another hit again from our lady GASHA…..keep it up ahead……

Bevverlyn slim says:

#Cameroon based GASHA has a much anticipated new video. It’s an
easy-breezy, gentle to the ear with an upbeat melody #afropop.

Gasha – The Date ft Zegeman (Official Video)

pAPy dI says:
Biggy says:

U got talent gurl!!!

Johanne Bumakor says:

forward ever

Chrysanthus Caspa says:

Aww.. this has been my most anticipated Gasha releases ..and you know
what?? She killed it dammm..GASHA you have always been a power house of
talent .please sweetheart dont stop..Go Go Go…!!! a billion thumps up to
the production team..this master piece is supper fly….Keep the faya
burning !!

Blaise Bsings Official says:

Good job….Gasha,Hters will Hate for no reason……..I love This
Video……..Keep up

Patrick Ndanji Mutia says:

really cool one. Thumbs up.

Harry Green says:

Much Love and support for Kamer Music. Love the song alot

claire john says:

wonderfull one gasha

Belinda Nchange says:

Am waiting still someone hate on this video kick asses your good gasha no
turning back. 

nforche gerald says:

Original, I like it. Whats Sine doing there???

nestor zufor says:

U r our queen. Gasha.u make us proud

Formella Collins says:

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! C bon!!!!!

kodiah majid says:

Wow this is awesome
In fact my grading on on 10…I say you get 9
Good job gasha

Forkom kehbila says:

Fine one my dear GASHA, you rock.

George-Michael Nkamsi says:

Took me a couple of replays to warm up to this song; it’s something mellow
and a lot fun once I did though. Nice going Gasha.

valery atowo says:

Go on Gasha, the world has to hear this

Antonia Morzenti says:

every song weh dis girl di sing a like am! chia ei fine too! pikin dem dia
face di mess wit dat rubbish

peka ernest says:

Gasha i have waited for this video for long, finally u made it thanks, ur
number 1 fan from germany

A Charles says:

nice concept .Its GASHA !!!


nice piece baby

Vianney Che says:

great conceept

DeJAY SOFT says:

pazzo u strong.Gasha u bad pass ,those kids murdered it.chia you guyz got

khan Eric says:

I love this song…the phrasing it’s just too professional, the
rhyme,melody is great…Zegeman just killed it.

dominique lekina says:

look the afro:)………good video GASHA

Breezy Manuel says:

Good job girl. You make cameroon proud. Stay original and yet you are the
girl next door. 

Alex kembiet says:

Nice one lil

Daniel Ngongang says:

Gasha. You are good and very origninal in your own style. I like that

Mahohi2 says:

Great song! Thanks Gasha… #afrobeat #gasha #Team237 #musicvideo
#mboa #cameroon 

Churchill Nanje Mambe says:

I love it… 

iBeautyiStyle says:

I hate that wig. Omg I hate it. But I love Gasha and I love this song.

Stocktown says:

#Cameroon based GASHA has a much anticipated new video. It’s an
easy-breezy, gentle to the ear with an upbeat melody #afropop.

Gasha – The Date ft Zegeman (Official Video)

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