Group Zangalewa – Un Bébé

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This song by the defunct Cameroonian pop group Zangalewa would be familiar to most people who grew up in the 1980’s in Cameroon. Annie Anzouer made her debut with this group and eventually went solo in the wake of its dissolution. She is by every indication the most successful of the defunct Zangalewa.




Forcha Elvis says:

this music ,touches me so deep,i feel the cry of all women without babies especially when Annie Anzouer is crying in the music i just a cry of a baby in the house,also when she is saying that she needs her plates to be broken by her child and also she says i needs a baby that will call her mommy. but all this women should remember that God’s time is the best.

bambou51100 says:

j’adore Annie ,ta voix est superbe….

physicaal says:

Ouais la mise en Scene la c’est la Mort! apres on va dire qu’on a pas de Comediens au Cameroun!

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