Ni Alfred Kwende – Tribute to Ma Rose Fru Ndi

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Isaiah bottle dance

Ni Alfred Kwende in the mix, take special note as from the 4th minute



bujubadboy says:

Dats kul man!! Da mix is was nice…Ma Rose RIP!!!

mamichelle1 says:


scott tiga says:

OMG men this makes me wanna go back to Banja street, Damnnnn!!!!, is this the original or the remix?

richardgwabit says:

i love this song so much it makes me feel like going back home and then just fuond my self in a mbu bar with my one cup and just listen to this song.Ni  Alfred KWENDE THATS great.

chenga t sheto says:

hahahahha me too…look at my men dancin miss home like damn

chenga t sheto says:

papi ma men

nguapi says:

why do the guys wear shoes and the ladies don’t?

shadmdbanks07 says:

seriously? like alfred Kwende will be in this video. BE SPECIFIC!

richardgwabit says:

oh my GOD Who take me go country now now so????? i am really tired of this etas when i listen to this song i just feel like going bk home

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