Jean Paul Mondo – Ancient Makossa

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The Days of Jean Paul Mondo. Makossa Legend of all time. Cameroon Littoral Douala.

Jean Paul Mondo’s Makossa is distinguished by a very rhythmic sound and (his) excellent (rhythm) guitar playing. His musical career started with two 45 rpm singles, recorded with the famous Black Styl’s at the end of the 1970’s.




mikymiky57 says:

oooh lord this is makossa it makes you want to dance at any time,
a loba eeeh cameroon ooooh. big thanks to you “quickaction” if possible some more
I´ll love the young musicians to listen to sounds like this to get inspiration

quickaction1 says:

This is the meaning of Makossa. it is made up of Guitar combinations, drum-beatings and above all Douala language voice singing to come out with excellent musical outputs which is ear, mind, and soul-friendly. Makossa is not rollcalls……..tell the young makossa stars todays to sing and not to call big names in their music or else give it another name……marollcall for e.g their beatings and guitar combinations are just not ear or dance-friendly………..think abt that…..long live makossa

nackson100 says:

yeeeee soukouse makabo….i shake my waist so teeh my trouser tear……thak u jean paul

MrJeanfranklin says:

may your soul rest in perfect piece.  jean paul mondo.

danielle effa says:

pardon si quelkun connait le bikutsi ou on ditMAINTENANT JE DIS MAINTENANT QUAND JE DEMANDE MA CHOSE TU ME DIS QUE CA COULE ÉÉ AAA KIL ME FASSE SINGNE pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

choisirful says:

bro,that is the real makossa


Salut les feres du Camer, voici pour vous camerzone com, le site des retrouvailles.

Ghislain Otia says:

Classic music

gehgy11 says:

JP MONDO…..U are one of the best makossa composer any day any time……this music touches my soul…..this is what we called original mokossa…..not the trash pple compost today in the name of makossa. the past generation had the best, the present generation , pathetic n the future generation one can not help but fear for the worst. GOD have mercy…RIP GRAND MONDO

canto erick says:

weehhh a tete Makossa…

canto erick says:

pls can someone tell me who is at the guitar solo and bass that was a great one

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