John Minang – Fine Fine Woman

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Cameroonian Bottle Dance, North West region



Nate T says:

My french teachers from cameroon and he showed us this haha.

ankiasih says:

I am from Bamenda,Cameroon and i am happy for muscians like John Menang who have done a lot to promote our culture. Good rythm and stylish dancing.

Watsonfru says:

this is a great dance. When i watch this video I think if Uncle R. He plays in his car all the time. Thanks for uploading this.

meethalund says:

oooooooof wow

lintchong2006 says:

Nice song. keep it up

MrEbais says:

This guy is too much!!! Maybe I should say he is three much!!! Fine fine woman if chop no dey house make fine talk try be

JOhn Minang says:

hi thanks this is John Minang for your compliments for this album

barikalilndifor says:

I love this it’s so cool. I listen to it ever morning.

serge patrick says:

Nice song!!!!

fru terence says:

country man go before we support with all our hearts. i really like this sound because it brings me back home always,

delphine mumbari says:

the real deal brother thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!love it!goood job!

polle tamo says:

c est ca le pere que de souvenir avec ce son , un bar a cote d ema maison ou j allais manger le achuh au pays sweet memories

polle tamo says:

il y a un autre son “you want to marred bamenda woman prepare, prepare to eat achuh prepare…” can someboby post this sound?

Cathi Nkeni says:

hi polle,just want na help you…!!…this is the name of the song…….Amumba – African Food collection (Cameroon) hope you will enjoy it

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