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Patrice Kontchou says:

This guy was awesome! why did you miss with politik when you are not sure
to keep it up? i love your songs buddy

jules lebon says:

from aest to west freeboys tem di allaaoo ho dingamen du courrage

peter jonh says:

yesssssssss me too i go send daso kemeka fo russie i no guet choix

orion yannick says:

na last time be time ndinga man…teme dem all

stanlelum123 says:

Thxs for this music, whoever posted it, yes it is a true what he is
singing, i have been in cameroon for 25 years and nothin changed then i
left the country is still the same.. very Bad of you popool…..

Kameni Sirano says:

the best

avinnnny says:

GCE A-level de dig sand sand!!! Na waoooo!!!

gisou75 says:

you are great man

Unanimous345 says:

G.C.E o level na cutting mbanga.. lol

oxygene2211 says:

krukuma go last fall diba

stanlelum123 says:

popool na you do am.

EPAPE says:

You guys you think one can fix the problems of a developing country like
Cameroon overnight… There are serious structural and historical problems
hindering our economy… Whoever is president in Cameroon will face the
same structural and historical challenges.. You have to learn how an
economy works

junko guiass says:

T’es un homme brave Lapiro de Mbaga!

oxygene2211 says:

last time as giga man toriyam na time

EPAPE says:

I think it will be nice for me and you to have a quite genuine debate about
Cameroon and its reality… My interest is on the people of Cameroon as a
whole.. before to even question the competence of the government; We need
to look ourselves in the eyes and question ourselves to extend we know what
it is to live in a modernized society. Do we know where we come from as a
Country… Where we are heading? Do we know our own duty as a Cameroonian

stanlelum123 says:

GCE A level na brok ston, some1 de dig sand sand, God 4give that man…

avinnnny says:

hahahaha, he’s telling the truth though!!!

amosviny says:

ooohhh Lapiro mm Dieu te recompensera ! vas y mon pere… on est tous av

sankofa kemet says:

alice none can´t conteste the true saying of this true Artist.
who is responsible !!! the politician chef
lapiro c verite

canto erick says:

rip!!!!!! you don talk and them don mey you, but you remain a hero for life


Chai Lapiro , you’re gone but your messages remain in the air, rest in
peace don grand !!!!!!

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