Loh Benson – Do Ti La

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Wow! Mr loh, if there is a piece that wanna send me home, then it should be this lovely traditional music. I love everything about it and our women dancing are just a reflection of God’s beauty. This brings to memories the songs we used to sing as teenagers especially in the savannah region of that God given country. Thanks a bunch bohades. You are the best. Be blessed.

Emmanuel A. Ngassa says:

Beri woh Ben! Beri woh kijung.
This tune flies me right back to my Ghana Street childhood days! Man keep this up!

Sonny Donald Nwungang says:

Yes Ben good job Great  I promise when I am in Africa I will produced you a cross over main stream video with this original beats I like this stuff it sound fresh .

Stinyuy says:

Pikin then this time no know this kind melody. We be really show am and a still digg am.

pbughenium says:

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