MAGASCO and ArchaicGroup – Kumba Market

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ArchaicGroup and Magasco join forces to bring you Kumba Market.

Showing you another side of Africa you might not be used to seeing on film and in music videos, no effects just love.

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Tabe paddy owan says:

Perfect song bro, good message to the girls.i am proud to be a kumba pikin fiango for that matter.i love this just keep doing your thing one love.

Tabe paddy owan says:

Boy who make you this beat? Nice voice na so we do for k-town.but she can make u be theif man ok. Ugo blow na small small.

khloebn says:

Loving this

Dupont FOTSO says:

nice movie

Kingsley Sheteh Newuh says:

I like the originality of the video. Tried to capture the message exactly as it is. Great job.

Bibi Didi says:

franchement j’adore le clip on a plus rien a envier aux NAIJA les artistes ont compris que notre culture camerounaise est aussi riche que la leur.j’adore MAGASCO continu on te soutient.

vanessaparadiseful says:

Home Sweet Home 🙂

Jude Fofié says:

Magasco taking cameroon to another level thumps up bro Fofié

Gael Ebeny says:

cool bro…..

MultiEezy says:

The guy dancing is hilarious

mel nova says:

Good song Good video man. Thubs up

Valery Pangop says:

Massa ur da BEST

SuperRolex8 says:

this track is dobe, ride on dude, i am loving this, i just destroyed my replay button

SuperRolex8 says:

dobe track i am loving every bit of it ride on bros

Junior Yebga says:

massa u de on top the song is taking me like cocaine
damn our sisters they r beautiful +237 from china

aude Nà says:

Hum magasco is doing like a man that girls allways lived for money…hahah

matuke cadwelda says:

man you killed this song plus my beautiful kumba sister doing her thing.

sobibor21 says:

true!! he killed it for sure…..K-town!!!!

wilfriedmana says:

Na yes 237 …courage mes freres…

Empy TheBeast says:

Mon Dieu l’instru!! Can’t help sharing it!!

neba samuel says: day I go deh likeu.b careful u know seh 4 kumba dem no deh clawn foh deh.u sure seh dat ngah merit seh make u be tiefman.beta be tiefman foh mabanda maket.Hahahaha MR.GAZA 4 bigup man.cameroon obosso

Prospy Fouefack says:

Yeah man let’s go on
yu’re the best between all of them

Linda Agwe says:

Yeah u guys did great on that, love it go on boy

getrealtahri says:

Go magasco

Gilberto Wayy says:

na da Bda boy, again, am proud of this song,,,,

smartcalo says:

Bamenda boy for Kumba. These two na magic combination. Thumbs up boy. U too much! Love from germany

cokaize says:

I don’t know what to say about this guy…ich gym I hit his tracks I can’t believe it’s from my own camer….I can only imagine he hot dis joint can be at Kati’s not club on Saturday nyts…..makes me wanna go party bak home…miss Ndola…kudos guy…u bad oh!!!…

24CarrotGold237 says:

1:36 wtf is he doing Lmfaooo

messvillosaurus Ier says:

made in 237 clip propre music excellente du bon boulot fier des artiste comme sa continue

bank nj says:

old boy forget music, fine another work. true talk

Helly Bedna Jose says:

99 problems and a critic ain’t one.

tnjua44 says:


Chico Chic says:

this is what we Anglophone are supposed to do ..make it in our country(Cameroon) instead of fighting for an useless secession.people won’t offer you respect take it by force.let’s make movies like the ones in hollywoood, nollywood, etc…music like Bikutsi and Makossa etc …the more we try to integrate the more they will respect us and take us in consideration …beautiful song

Da spannswagga says:

them high like shit!

lynda landzeh says:

keep up!!.. beaucoup de courage!!!

manixo100 says:

man ,stfu and enjoy the musik…african pple, always tryin to criticize and create problems where there is not…

Goldee44 says:

nice song, I really like it I’m proud to be Cameroonian 🙂

john nkoh says:


TheCensiper says:

listen to this track like every morning

Abily Kocide says:

this deco junior congra guy keep

TheSabitou says:

Nonnn le gars a fini avec ça, go ahead ooo

Frank Kent Smallville says:

Unique !

Leticia Touko says:

mbia michel looool u acted well

Glider Djaggas says:

keep up the good work my friend … GREAT VIDEO

Jaspa hustburd says:

my best Cameroonian artist!!!!!

Derrick Che says:

good song. keep the good work!! forget the bad comments(cuz there will be) and follow ur dreams.

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