Manu Dibango – Lion of Africa

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Manu Dibango concert at the Barbican, London. Part of Fela Kuti’s Black President Festival and featuring Courtney Pine. CD/DVD release of this concert out in 2007.



Chrispin Chikumbutso Kampala Phiri says:

Beautiful flavour: This man is genius with more than 60 years of musical experience..good mixing…am looking forward to getting this album here in south africa

Chrispin Chikumbutso Kampala Phiri says:

Beautiful flavour: This man is genius with more than 60 years of musical experience..good mixing…am looking forward to getting this album here in south africa…

Voyeurjure10 says:

Now, that’s what Afrikan flavour is! It’s not just the rich brass tambre & the sweet woodwinds which mix to excellent sound, no. But the perfect levels of percusssion, traditional & Afrikan & nicely subdued bass which carries the tune right there throughout – No doubt brother Manu D. must be of the same musical genius peepz of which Quincy Jones’ genesis is. And the Wow! – soulful range from smoothness to deep down funk of the brother who blew the Tenor Sax solo — Oh Wow! Manu- Oh Man!

Voyeurjure10 says:

Oh my bad, Big Ups & again BIG UPS to the Afrikan musical genius au naturalle la frere Courtney Pine! Brilliant complementary style! Yeah! Bruutha exellent blow of yo Saxo-horn noir Perfect!!!!! Yeah- oh yeah jus lik dat- – ~

Isis Nofret says:

I saw Manu Dibango in concert back in 1974, he was at the Apollo in Harlem NYC.
The Temptations and the Spinners also appeared. The tempts and the Spinners were no joke. However Manu stole the show, He had everyone dancing , standing ovation, everyone screaming for more. I love him!

Heisgreat100 says:

W-O-W….after listening to this,I am left speechless and blown away…such great display of African proud to be proud to be Cameroonian!!!

CameoWalkin says:

In the ’70’s, a dance club was the place TO BE if they played Manu Dibango’s Soul Makossa. I think he didn’t capitalize well on that success here, because he wasn’t really into performing his hits repeatedly — he was all about keeping it fresh, bringing the new stuff to audiences. Americans didn’t want that — they wanted to hear the hits over and over — and he wasn’t about to become a juke box.

ladyrsky1 says:

The jazz blew my mind away…*REPEAT*

Kuuuks says:

He looks like Isaac Hayes

alexnokbak says:

Trop fort Papa Manu…

evangelistjohn1 says:

да очень красивая

Tafadzwa,Macdonald Mukundu says:

Hail,hail ,the indomitable Lion from Cameroon,vividly & fondly remembered from the duet show performed at Harare Sheraton with the conquering Lion of Zimbabwe ,Dr Thomas Mapfumo in 1991.Long Live Manu Dibango & God bless !

Patrice Benel says:

nothing to say just “what a fucking geart artist you are BIG MANU” no boddy know your name “DIBSson show” thank you.

TabeKat12 says:

to big for me 🙂

dsfo de la zarza hierro says:

dsfo de la zarza hierro says:

Jonas Mfongwot says:

long life manu

Jonas Mfongwot says:

long life manuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

choibolsan says:

13-th July Manu Dibango performs in Montreal. I go.

Inkaszoo says:


dasmaunzerle says:

Hallo, globalmixuk,
Thousand thanks for your video. It changed my life: We are all Africans. This wonderful performance teached me where the real values are situated. Africa for ever!

Sydelle66 says:

Been listening to Manu’s records ever since he hooked us back in the 70s with Soul Makossa. Don’t know what he’s saying but that’s all right with me. Awesome artist! I’m loving this record/video. Thank you for posting it!

Probs 'n Mayhem says:

Im 18 years old, but I can tell you right now, that this is real music. I love this Legend of Africa. @DigitalDRFT from South Africa.

Harry Wierenga says:

After Tounami Diabate and Ali Farka Toure, why dont whe hear more from this part of the world. It is as i always told, black make the music.

AdolPHE AdolF says:

Un des plus grand saxophoniste du monde, reconnu partout. Et oui, même en France.

mypowerfire says:

the best sound of africa

RStrong89 says:

Saw him in Québec City last year… He rocked the whole show with his contagious smile 😀

yvonneakong says:

What a brillant and spellbounding performance.. Manu and Courtney you are talented guys…

wadadli2manuk says:

British/Jamaican Jazz musician Courtney Pine see here with the legendary Manu DibangoCameroon guest features at the 16th annual St Kitts Music Festival 2012 end of June should be great!

kd1s says:

Cameroonian Jazz/Funk actually. Yeah, I like it a lot too but then I like a lot of Jazz.

Arlindo Joel Cossa says:

Manu Dibango is a great musician. He has recently been in Ricatla, Maputo_Mozambique. Alongside with a Young and talented Mozambican Saxofonist, Moreira Chonguica. Manu Dibango, with his smile and the Sax, made all spectators reach the sky a board of the Soul Makossa Gang, a really Afro Beat Orchestra, a kind of many philarmonic orchestra of the world.
I Agree, his the “LION OF AFRICA”

lemopi besong says:

le grand manu

nganguem nganguem says:

j’aime ça

GermInfestedProducts says:

I’m a drummer and been listening to this from the 70’s. Manu is FANtastic!!!!!

jehubox19 says:

Im from Cameroon, i play the sax and obviously a BIG Manu’s fan, he’s one LEGEND but KING FROM AFRIKA??? should rule that out.

mitsupajero94 says:

wonderful !!!!! thanks !!!!!!

click411 says:

who was the saxophone player on this

Oluwatoba Omidele says:

9ne Jazz the daddy himself.

Blackandreru Black says:

mboa o boso na-ma wolo wasa o woa na ben yongui bene contacte yongo bref mba nende o panya espagne, musango mube na o woa yasam

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