Manu Dibango – New Bell

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Slayd5000 presents… Manu Dibango – New Bell **By Special Request** Positive comments are always welcome. More to come.



Surfmorworkless says:

Awesome record. Thanks for sharing. Wish i had wav file or mp3 of this. I’d love to try and mash it up with some deep house.

port2344chester says:

Where do i start… i want thank my fellow tuber “Slayd5K” for coming through with another **Special Request** we tubers our spoiled with the abundance of music that Slayd5K has donated for us.. His time & efforts to upload & share wonderful music & the quality of sound is top notch on the tube….you are the vinyl king in my eyes….if you were a credit card i would be in debt too you… @Slayd5K cont. success my friend.. THANKS 4 KEEPING THE VIBES ALIVE!

temasekdan says:

Amazing Track … recently listened to Antibalas’ “Dirty Money” – you should check it out

jazzy3one says:


Graybo says:


kacobb11 says:

Whatever happned to this kind of funk! Just pure 100% funk with no fillers. Outstanding post Slay’d & thank you!

port2344chester says:


2020JDG says:

Slayd it once again….

Justice Allah says:

damn this reminds how DJ Rafe Gomez used to get down saturday nights on smooth jazz cd 101.9 (New York City) “The Groove Boutique” show.

Slayd5K says:

Always a pleasure Port!!

Susie Q says:

Couldn’t have said it better. Slaydk5, I’m so glad I found your channel. Thanks for the awesome music.

Eric Rivera says:

muy bueno

sjr10011 says:

Turn it up !!!

MrAntiSellOut says:

One of the best B Boy track ever.

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