Manu Dibango – Sax Medley and voices

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Great performance by Manu Dibango as the concerts starts. Exclusive to Force And Tendresse channel.



lekaiserfranz says:

Great Stuff!

Thanks for this Post!

Augustinefr says:

Le GRAND MANU y a pas mieux!!! comme quoi, l’AFRIQUE a du bon!!!

motus says:

ah, et moi qui pensais que l’Afrique c’était que de la merde…. on en apprend tout les jours…

wolfje22 says:

I love the last part from 9:24 ’til the end.
Seen him live, and gotta say he’s truly awesome!

pzwumk20 says:

ah tonton manu! comme ca fait plaisir de te voir etaler ta science comme ca.

Ernest Bille says:

Di Ma Soma Loba!

hedjamavieille says:

I realize that we Africans, have discovered the ultimate cure for depression. Our music.

SuperRachel974 says:

mximum respect maitre dibango
que dieu te fasse centenaire!!

MMN53ify says:

Avec le Grand Manu, le Jazz retourne chez lui en Afrique. … Avec toute ses sonorités. Bravo Manu !!!

bongeye420 says:

@sbruku2000 i think he shines with the greatest from around the world :{D he is definitely up there with Marley, Clapton, Cat Stevens and the other greats from throughout space and time

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