Manu Dibango – Soul Makossa (funk/break beat)

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 A classic funk we use to break to Soul Makossa – Manu Dibango



phebeharris says:

You’re speaking of the language not the MUSIC dummy.

audiojacked105 says:

Everyone is being inspired by other, then recognize that the Funk is largely inspired by African music and we agree. and that there is others languages than english in the world. dummy 🙂

audiojacked105 says:

Soul Makossa is a 1972 single recorded in USA, CANADA and EUROPE. its genre is Jazz-funk, Proto-disco, Afrofunk, Afrobeat and was played by Manu Dibango, a saxophonist – his genre is African Rumba, Afrofunk, Afrobeat, Jazz and Makossa that is a noted Cameroonian popular urban musical style .

phebeharris says:

Sorry but there is no AfroFunk. Africans don’t make funk music. All funk music is American regardless of the artist. It’s like saying classical isn’t European. I know when the record was released. He was inspired and influenced by American Funk like everyone else who made funk and isn’t American or Black American. I didn’t know what language and country of origin Manu was from. I just thought he was from Europe with African heritage.

phebeharris says:

Funk IS NOT inspired by African music. Africans simply DO NOT, DO NOT make Funk music. Funk is a BLACK AMERICAN creativity and innovation not an African one. This record was released during the American Funk/Disco era because it has inspired and influenced the rest of the world. This single wasn’t released because it’s naturally and originally African. NO ONE in Africa make Funk music. I can go to Africa now and visit all countries and would not find an ounce of funk music.

phebeharris says:

You know in got damn well that ALL genres of African music sounds differently than Funk. You know Funk music isn’t African inspired you lying piece of shit. Black American music has inspired the world over. FACT!! No black American music has been inspired by Africa or African music. You meant to say that this single is largely and solely inspired by Black American Funk!! NO NO NO African makes or play funk music. African music sounds uncanny differently than American music. Don’t play yourself.

phebeharris says:

I’m sorry but when it comes to music black Americans are being inspired the least. We are too creative and innovative. We make and generate our own kind of music. Black American music has inspired and influenced the WHOLE WORLD. FACT!! The only sound you may find in American music that has not been innovated by black Americans is reggae. Outside of that I don’t know of any. This single is American Funk. The only thing African about it is the language and that’s it.

audiojacked105 says:

Hey motha fucka, learn some good manière and seek some culture in Afrofunk for a beginning, then come back to us. Plz. Don’t post 10 monologues after me. lol

phebeharris says:

Afrofunk doesn’t exist but I know you wish it did. Go and listen to your booga booga jungle drum beating music and leave funk to the Americans.

Fella Rodriguez says:

excuse me but Makossa is SPANISH!!!

johanna717 says:

You obviously don’t know a damn thing about how MY county the US of A was built! Figure that out first then go take some music history courses you sophomoric ignoramus. 

donald clark says:

This was the beat in 1973

audiojacked105 says:

I think you’re right about creativity of American Funk and that they have their own style that offers inspiration to all the artists , and that you’re wrong about being certain that Funk Music does not need inspiration of the other for being creative because other, specially the African Music, don’t have talent. In my opinion, the musical talent is universal and is being inspired itself by this universality.

phebeharris says:

I never said African music don’t have talent. Music itself is talent. Funk certainly is not an influence or inspiration from Africa or African music. It’s born out of the talent thought and creativity of black Americans not Africans. No hard feelings. Have a good day.

derek toran says:

oh those skating rink days at stienburg rink in St.louis early 70s this and rare earths Big John man you could groove…

audiojacked105 says:

It’s ok, but this track is not Funk at all. FACT! Manu created his own style without hearing or learning from the others, because he comes from another planet. Nice day to you;

phebeharris says:

Cut the bull. This is FUNK. FACT!! He didn’t create anything. The only style he brought to this sound is speaking in another language. He like every one else in the world was inspired and influenced by American music.

audiojacked105 says:

Thank you for the play. I am out . Peace 🙂

Charlie Rae says:

I have been looking for this!!

BlackRayman says:

Big Top Circus!!!

barry childs says:

Thank You Miss Chinita41. Great Song.

angusyounghero says:

Aw man, I’m playing this next time I hit the beach!

cancerrising69 says:

You’re right. Spring of ’73.

MoveOnDotOrgg says:

yeah tough guy – I own the original 45. Owned.

creamy6680 says:

booga booga jungle drum beating ??? coming from an ex slave it ‘s amazing ! remember the time when your parents were listening to that booga booga jungle drum beating in the jungle and got sold for gallon of whisky? smh ! like a kitty thinking he s a lion.

creamy6680 says:

dude ! seriously ??

arroyo7clan says:

Get Down wit thiiissss ….travel back to a time when house parties were unbelievable

Pete Ruppert says:

You are correct, I was listening to this in’73. A lot of people who were not around are now music experts of that era. This reminds me of NYC completely that year. Trains coming across the bridge in 73 with graffiti on all sides.



papiblatino says:

africa bitches!!!!!! DANCE!!!!!!!

George Stefanescu says:

Manu Dibango also jammed with The Fania All Stars! yep,yep

George Stefanescu says:

mi cosa! my soul! fania all stars!

profitofdoom88 says:


robiandolo says:

OK wow! You heard it before us! Can i have your autograph?

Ramon Laguer says:

Now I feel like a macusa.

musiklovher says:

I’ve been listening to this Beat since the70’s and it will always be relevant. It’s got too much Soul.

Cesar Otzoy says:


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