Museba – BOM BOM BOM

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“Bom Bom Bom” is a dance song about love. It was written and composed by  Denis Elad from Cameroon. The song is about a woman whose heart goes Bom Bom Bom because she is in love.

Read the ful interview with Museba on Afroziky!

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MCHLXL says:

Museba is beautiful. Song and video is on point. Nice work!

Arrey Etang says:

Ohhhhh Andréa. Bon travail!!!!!!! Girl u di do me something, Ma hryt di Go oh oh Bom Bom Bom♪♪♪

TheSongz4live says:

OOh oh oh!! Museba, girl u di do me something and my heart di go bom bom bom.
This video is wicked.

Bandy Kiki says:

Gurl!!! So on point!!!!!

thalya91 says:

je la decouvre sur une chaine d tv locale et j kiffe le work d cette jeune dame douee et bourrée d talent just enjoy it cause i like it elle a beaucoup d potentiel ga andrea k du bnheur et succes j te swte

Dezbyson says:

c’est magnifique cette clip la. Du courage Museba. The sky is ur limit!!!!

Eliane Henry says:

You talented shawty keep it up beauty and the video is dope

abymelibi says:

superbe évolution, beaucoup de talent et de potentiel i like it go ahead

Bandy Kiki says:

Wow love it!!!!!!

LadyP0703 says:

Proud to be Cameroonian!!! She is amazing and graceful!!! FINALLLLLLYYYYYYY

Emile Kohn says:

You rock Gal !

el kabi says:

desormais le cameroun a sa kelly rowland tout com le nigeria avec tiwa savage , big up

BigDJBO says:

I am very proud of what you are doing.I saw ur video on Trace Urban,this afternoon,and I said thats the Cameroonian achievements we are getting,and immediately I subscribed to your channel.Good Job.Please,check a pop song, I did with a teen female Cameroon rapper,and let me know what you think.We are fighting to put Cameroon music back to the top,in Africa-Coz, that is where it belonged years ago.
Utube Search : Nellie,DJ B.O. – Buy you the moon.

Christian Djoya says:

very nice!!! i like that

dany angelus says:

I am very proud be a Kamerunian. This is a great revolution in Cameroon music,gal continues in that may. Museba, tu es la première artiste Kamerunaise dont j’ai téléchargé le clip sur le net. u r the only Kamerunian artist presently able to move up Cameroon music, afin que cette music atteigne des sommets. your video clip is perfect good song and good pictures quality. Museba je suis fière de toi, le Kamerun aussi

Camermix says:

Lyrics of Bom Bom Bom : Verse 1: Its alright / As u see me so i no want for fight / Boy u’re fine no be lie take your time / The way u dey smile at me on the floor / This girl them say they like u no mind / I go make u party, I go give u honey, I go take u up to the sky / I go call u honey oh mon cheri Na u dey blow my mind ///// Can’t write full lyrics here. Copy and paste the link on the address bar :

NextGenProductionsCI says:

elle est de quel pays?

Maria Shane says:

Jsui ivoirienne mai jlador c po possibl 7 Meuf assur comm ldi fuse tina this is new africa

bilali mohamed says:

hi mus i love ur song an u makin a very big bold step in the indutry music i realy love that. an i wihs u countiue this spirit never give up. so dont

TheKazama83 says:

100 pour 100 kamer ca !!! Proud to be Kamer !!! Hihihihihihi

Hermann Ryan Connor Nzamba says:

cette go est talentueuse!

Jerome Nijenhuis says:

Super son super video j’aimme bcp!!!!

Dimitri Armand says:


neba samuel says:

museba.u killing my down,cuz u sweet pass tom tom,wen I look at ur bom bom innate di clip.u tooo hot.this chap

mrmissvee says:

c’est vrai que c’est très intéressant super son super video et elle est super belle faut maintenant partager sa video au maximum pour la faire connaitre when new artists emerge we should be there to encourage them abeg just tell me wehh i fi buy the album or the single i go move ma body and shakam fine

Lizzie Pamen says:

Love it love it love it. I’m promoting this music!!!!!

BoisNoir1 says:

Impeccable quality. Impressive i must say.

Rex Zee says:

Makconcept is the King of Central Africa.

Rex Zee says:

oui, this is new africa

Sultan Ahmed Chala says:

I Like This


MUSEBA T’es troooooooooop belle et ton clip est mortel continue comme ca c est du bon travail big up à toi

Bobeh Kom says:


ray kobe says:

who ever did this video, its hands down for me. i need contact for ma project

Printemps GIA says:

je t adore tu es trooooooooooooooooooo belleeeeee I LIKE YOUR CLIP YOU CAN DIE ME big kiss for you

Rachel Ajua says:

can’t get enough of pidgin english <33 Cameroun all the way!!!

MrCalujidolla says:

girl ur charateristic prove to be that of an actress try this i tell u ,u will make it there good muzic.

Uncle Dez says:

This is a great video girl.

Tosten Firmin says:

Celle la je l’adore,son contact c’est sa belle chanson.Hey les gars du calme au Cameroun il y a du sang neuf pour détourné votre attention des Rihanna,…je ne connait pas la suite…uniquement celle la.

cameroonboyswagger says:

type “kicka _ nice try” in the search and enjoy , by the way great job Museba 🙂

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