Nelle Eyoum – Amio (Ebanda Manfred)

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Cameroon Music



Muna Sawa says:

Wow! Thanks for this everlasting hit from Cameroon. I was not even aware that Ebanda Manfred and Nelle Eyoum had done their own version of this popular Bebe Manga original. I guess I’ve been away from home too long! Thanks again for sharing.

Coco cj says:

I thought this song was from ivory coast. However great song loves it!! Could someone pls translate bits of the song, coz i would like to perform it. thnx

PoeticRayne says:

This is a beautiful song!!!

Chuck Taylor says:

bof…cette chanteuz a la maladresse ne pa bien tenir les notes, sa voix est trop febrile, mank d’assurance et d’affirmation, on dirait 1 gamine de 14 ans ki commence ses babultiements vocals, mais avec 1 vrai potentiel encor inexploite
che pa, c pa mal kom version, mais c pa la meilleur non plus, el a 1 drole de gout de salle/sucre

kuffkuff says:

Oh bro,u’re just killin’ me wit’ yo’ videos.I like yo’ diversified taste of music.Strangely,you seem to have thesame taste as i do.I think if we come together we can make hits that will make us touch the hollywood talk bro.

Chuck Taylor says:

daamn i have da same music taste as u do n U wouldn’t mind us CUMin 2gether???
u rite on dat 1, thus, gay marriage is now legal in California LOL

yo ma dude i read yo mails n realised dat ur as much hated in dis joint as i’m…shyt we mos def need to hit CA…Serious talk ma nigg lol

fojeba says:

la qualité serait meilleure avec des vrais instruments.Les keyboards et autres boites à rythme donnent un gout artificiel ,mécanique
à la musique.Les auditeurs avertis n’acceptent pas ce genre de musique.

Ed Ted says:

boy,that was fantastic.
Where the original? can someone make mp3’s of these”anciens makossas” and send me a copy for free??

africangoddess707 says:

omg i have een lookin for this song for thee longest. i luv it. reminds me of good times

Muna Sawa says:

No. The song is not a religious song, Cookiekducks. It is actually a love song. Unfortunately, my Douala (the Cameroonian language of the song) is not as good as to give a full translation of the song. But for starters, “na tondi wa” means “I love you” 🙂

candychocolat says:

Bebe Manga – AmiO

tricklessmagic says:

Elizabeth Bessem Manga aka Bebe Manga

barriosesamus says:

mais ce que le veut on se contente de ce que l’on a

BenjaMkenya says:

good gospel music,very uplifting n ofcourse makes me nostalgic..

dahottoneisitachi says:


mambranikov says:

C’est quoi ça? C’est du tout ce qui est inscris!!! Boffff !!!
Mais qu’à cela ne tienne cette reprise est pas mal, bien que trop loin du classique… craappp!

camerboy123 says:

this music is from the 60’s n 70’s my parents grew up listining to it

Cherimuna says:

The original version belongs to Ebanda Manfred, not Bebey Manga.

Jessy Alejandro Cantillo Cuevas says:

Buen Ritmo Africano, me encanta me acuerdo a mi hermano cuando estaba en la barriga jajajaja se lo ponia mi papa y pateaba el vale jajaj!

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