NGUEA LA ROUTE – If you no like me

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diddy2085 says:

Oh! I love this song so so much. Thank you a Zillion for uploading this song. La belle music Camerounaise.

Manyi09 says:

Good job Mama Nguea!!!!!! Love the song,
Pepsi – Atlanta

fru hilary says:

what type of language does she speak

fru hilary says:

i remember when a girl told me that i shouldn’t deceive her, that if i don’t love her , i should tell her because she is crazy over me, so i just felt in tears because i doidn’t love her, we all started crying, i appologies for not loving her and hiding it from her to upset her, the truth is better to say, finally i ended up loving her, but today we are not together, she left me for another man

Boris Chako Tchamabe says:

ca 7 du makossa !

larmisdor says:

Pigin language or broken english

Cathi Nkeni says:

sorry jah, but that girl never loved u

Taniform Sylvester says:

love na for hold heart mama

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