Petit Pays Effatta – PAPA EST SORTI

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Effatta petit pays – Papa est sorti.  Officiel HD



franckecsh says:

Poor lyrics as usual, nice pour LE show…

daniela nanny says:

ca c la mort!!!

Hardtalkz says:

this man lacks an insight. actually his music is good for the trash can, nothing to teach the population.

FingonTralala says:

Always the same stupid peoples, who think they can give lessons. Have you listened “MES JOURS SONT ECRITS”, “JE T’AI CHERCHÈ”, “OSILINGA”, “MASSA”? all these songs are in the same album(EFFATTA). This one it is for the party(dance). If you have nothing to say, shut up. And if you want someone to teach you, go to school or read a book.

Hardtalkz says:

fuck your ass dude! i am not obliged to accept your dung, only insane people go for that. i gave my opinion that is the reality you won’t face. i like every bit of “petit paye’s” earlier works but like nothing in his final days absurdities. send your children to petit paye school, let them learn the art of immorality, fagot!. I won’t compare, Eyango,kingue,sergio or Longue longue to a psychic like petit paye. “alley dire”

cashmoney man says:

Petit pays should used the money he has to invest on a reasonable music with good visual quality. Don’t this guys watch nigerian musics ? bad video !! the difference with his past was that the message was great with the videos since the technology wasnt there. 21st century is now but messsage Zero and Vedeo Zero

MaitreRabba says:

Laissez les commentaires du kartier go on effata je tai cherché..

MrEffata1 says:


Billy Angelo says:

Nice rythm…
Some people got nothing to talk about…
The video is not the best out there…far from that…
But imagine urself in a party and the dj plays dis…
This guys is a showman…He can definetely improve on his videos…But dis rocks
Of course haters gonna hate…nd dats how the world goes..Even Jesus was not nd is still not loved by everyone…
Va de lavant Rabbi…Mai faut vraimt songer a ameliorer tes videogramme…
Tres dansant…

Billy Angelo says:

Love it

jules kamgang says:

ce son est trop vrai bravo effata.

TEMPAU1 says:

Bjr Mr avant d’avancer certain propos il faut vous demander pourquoi ce Monsieur est l’artiste le plus régulier, le plus populaire et qui ai aimé par plusieurs génération. C’est parce qu’il as su faire plaisir a la fois au fêtard mais aussi au gens qui préfère une musique d’écoute. Recherchez
” MALARIA NO MORE CAMEROON MAKING OF”  sur youtube et vous verrez que des PROS DE LE MUSIQUE SONT SANS VOIX FACE AU TALENT DE PETIT PAYS. Aller voir et bouclez la définitivement.

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