PETIT PAYS MIX – Best of (audio)

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mixed by DJ ERIC (WASH DC)

Petit-Pays (born Adolphe Claude Moundi in Douala, Cameroon in 1969) is a Cameroonian musician. By 1996 he had sold over 50,000 cassettes. He is also known as OMEGA, Rabba Rabbi, Turbo and famously Avocat defenseur des femmes (advocate for women). He is one of the most celebrated Cameroonian musicians of the late ’80s and ’90s. His music has evolved over the years adapting to contemporary African genres. He mixes native Cameroonian makossa with soukous, zouk, and salsa, leading to the portmanteau label of makozouk for some of his music. He launched his first album Haoussa in 1987, after working with makossa producers. In Haoussa, he says his father is Haoussa and mother is Douala.

He has a band, known as Petit Pays et Les Sans Visa, which has seen several band members moving on to start their own solo careers over the ’90s and 2000s. It includes artists like Jojo Moussio Samy Diko, Kaissa Pakito, Samantha Fok, Guy Manu, Njohreur, Xavier Lagaf and lots of other successful Makossa musicians. It is rumored that he gave the name Sans Visa to his band because he was deported from France for not having a visa.

He is the self crowned king of Makossa. In one of his songs, “Le Jour de ma Mort” (The Day I Die) from the album Class FM and other songs, he compares himself to Fela Kuti of Nigeria, Alpha Blondy of Côte d’Ivoire, Salif Keita of Mali and Youssou N’dour of Senegal. He always gives credit to legends like Francis Bebey, Eboa Lotin and Manu Dibango. He makes music with Pro Tools

He is known for his sometimes offensive dressing, controversial album covers and lyrics. He caused a stir in the mid-nineties (’94?) when he posed naked for his album cover King of Makossa (Love Class FM).





DrJibus1 says:

Grand DJ Eric keep up the good work in the DC area!!!! anyone who wants a DJ for their party in the DC area ask for DJ Eric you won’t regret it, Thanks for all the good music.
DJ Eric O Bossooooooo

yafoy23 says:

Merci beaucoup DJ E…j’ai decouvert ta serie de mix avec Henri Dikongue, puis Richard Bona, Meiway , et maintenant Petit pays…c est clairement du bon boulot. Thumbs Up


Merci Yafoy23 . Je fais mon mieu mon frere.
DrJibus, Thanks bunches. Le Turbo c’est le model!!!!!! lol

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fdjontu says:

Dj Ericcc you are the BEST!!!

Belle Bella says:

nice song petit pays

francisfee100 says:


Alain Tamo says:

papa djeric, donne credit a wikipedia quand meme non?
LE website de Petit pays est en contruction par TAMO DESIGNS, SURCURSALE DE theahndycomputerguycom

TKsTKsTK says:

Pouvez-vous me rappeler le titre de ESOWA ou le lien pour y arriver , Merci

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