Petit-Pays – Sans Toi

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Album Monako



Chuck Taylor says:

Ouch! i musta hit a nerve, poor little thing.
well sorry to disappoint u but im not none of the above, however i have the utmost sympathy and empathy of ur troubled past as u just mentioned it. I KNEW something musta happened to you when u were a little child to have so much hatred towards gay people, but guess what, being fondled by ur daddy didn’t u make u gay, U WERE just BORN GAY.
FYI, i live in Park Slope in Brooklyn(google it out), we own a family Apt in Paris and a house in Douala and

Chuck Taylor says:

…and NO my family don’t do politics therefore its NOT government money.
I’m very fluent in 4 languages, run my own bizness over here, im a very happy man and hold NO hatred towards NObody…now can the same be said about You? guess NO.
ur a very angry man, why? did ur mom was too be busy whoring around n didn’t breast feed ya enough? was ur lown down dirty ass faggot dad was too be sucking off dicks n didn’t teach ya how to be a Man? guess YEA.
Keep on suckin ur mom’s bloody tampon

zougbo says:

nn je kiff trooooppp

Sugarbabelove says:

rabbi l homme fort c est vrai je ne peux pas vivre sans DAGMARA KOCHAM CIĘ

rabbidebana says:

oui petit pays on ne peut pas vivre sans l autre tu as raison

rabbidebana says:

petit pays a chaque fois que je veux regarder youtube j ecoute d abord cette chanson car je pense quand j etais o pays le cameroun a ekounou tour eiffel avec les bock d ekounou je ne peux pas vivre sans les mbock d ekounou je te jure vrai de Dieu

beyalamc says:

ah oui c est vrai comment vivre sans toi??aie aie
tres fort mon pays

elvis ewane says:


mocityify says:

here is a message for all those who hate pede.He did`nt not say that you should become one he is only singing about it so all of you who said bad things about should shut up and stop hating.peace.

MySokoloko says:

pas teryble

ebote10 says:

ebote10 says:

are you a pd cuz ur lyk dif him

ebote10 says:

n so wht does tham mke u superior than others or do u kno wht others own u just another faggot n get this str8 noboby was born gay and whn ever you visit cameroon go to ur village n tell ur family in the village ur gay thn see their reaction bitch

ebote10 says:

are u one of them then sorry u’ve ruin ur self sorry

ebote10 says:

well said thx he is just another frustrated faggot never mine dat idiot

Chuck Taylor says:

so nobody was born gay? people choose their sexuality right? well if so, it also means that YOU ARE A HOMOSEXUAL deep inside but choose to be str8, makes sense right?
FYI i don’t give a flyin fuck of what my village or whoever gotta say about who I decide to be intimate with.
I know YOU ARE GAY to be hating gays so much, ur issue is called SELF HATRED, so go fix it…U FUCKIN UNDERCOVER FAG

Estor pai says:

You Know ebote, i do not hate gays, infact i have known many nice people who are, i live where they are tolerated and intergrated.My problem is when people come from so far and with completely different way of thinking and try to impose it on Africa.Values do not just evaporate in thin air,customes and changed gradually,and the people must accept and recognise the new ways.THUS AFRICANS SHOULD BE LEFT TO DECIDE WHETHER THEY WANT HOMOS TO OPEN UP INFRONT OF THEIR YOUNG INNOCENT KIDS.

TheJib66 says:

nouvelle chanson à Douala, KNJ clip cameroun sur youtube

ehgouothg says:

je suis fan à jamais

clotairechaud says:

Turbo is the best , there is no Cameroun without Turbo.

MegaMymay says:

 you are right

Apalmeic5 says:

if anyone loves africa act now !

Ledoux Dicap says:

merci grand maitre

zoaguyzoaguy says:

Rabbi you too much

marie Gabrielle says:

jaime bien cette zick

Chgitem Inch says:

african gangnam style

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