Prince Ndedi Eyango – Si Tu Me Mens

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One of the best of Prince Ndedi Eyango. See full audio version here.



[…] Late 90′s Cameroonian Makossa! See video version here. […]

aznavourien says:

Tres grand chanteur. Tres belle melodie.

ssabbassajja says:

three grand chants, three good melodies????

Nasipwondi says:

Fantastic ! ! ! !Pls can we have more of prince oyengo,pls ? How is he doing today ?

Amaku Ukpong says:

He’s doing great. He looks great. He sounds amazing still. He’s got a great new song called “On Tourne la Page”. Check out the video on my myspace at the very bottom right. Go to myspacedotcomslashamaku(turn this into symbols of course). I’m the slim red-head silhouette. The video is hot!

aznavourien says:

Great singer. Nice melody.

rn43 says:

l’elephant, tu manger…
le Lievre, tu manger…
le chien, tu manger…
meme le kafer mon frere!
love that bit

precioushelene says:

Oh my gosh…J’adoooore cette musique ooohh ca chauffe wallaih

precioushelene says:

Dommage la chanson n’a pas ete fini. Pourkoi tu as coupe la fin Tutulu?

halibums03 says:

gr8..ndedo eyango.i neva thot i wld see him here but i am soo happy.i am cameroonins-dis tks me on a trip down memory lane…how i miss ma ctry….

panhumbly says:

so bad that it ended this way,my best part was yyet to come. He gets more handsome as he grows older!

HenryManga44 says:

LOL tu veux par là dire qu’il était laid avant hein ? MDR

panhumbly says:

Do u have a problem understanding English? I simply meant that he is handsome but has become more handsome in spite of his age. Cherche a comprendre avant de critique les autres. Merci!

uguette says:

quelle belle music’………

manyi4u says:

Papa you music are good, good voice you’ve got there

lyjs2ebs says:

you got it. love it too

lyjs2ebs says:

tres bonne chanson

92triny says:

dommage quelle ne soit pas entiere très bonne musique


wèèè vous allez nous kill avec les chansons vintage. Mais c’est du bon.. Allez de l’avant…

halibums03 says:

i luv dis song sooo much!!! and it ended at the best part…..:(,….

Konsty80 says:

I too i love this song. I have been looking for it since some times already.

atonimar says:

ne me dit pas que c’est l’ancien et j’aime tout les vieux chanson de prince’ pour le moment on est dans les on tourne la page , mentalité africaine , kenemi et c’est chaud…..hhuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm.

LeMboaMePachBahate1 says:

Je veux une femme moi aussi je veux me marier

UncleRhoRhythms says:

“This is neat”. I love the banjo’s! Makes me wonder what Prince Ndedi would do if he woke up in the backwoods of Kentucky!Just kidding. Please post the full version of this song. Right up there with Patou and Service Libre.

babedamour says:

God! my dear U are wonderful in your messages…

penzitele2 says:

I had a BIG CRUSH on him when I was 9.I used to tell anyone who would listen that i would get married to someone from Cameroon if I don’t get My dad thought I was crazy


école d’amour

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