Sala Bekono – Nnem

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Production Lanceleaux – Foty

Guitares: Zanzibar, papa vieux
Basse: Atebass
Drums: nylon
Tumba: effa paul



bandaekwaro says:

Qu’est ce que j’aime ce son!!!Merci encore RealC38!!!!

clarisse abega says:

Grand merci RealC38, j’ai les larmes aux yeux!!!!!!, beaucoup de souvenirs.
Merci l’artiste. je pense au quartier”’école de police”, le bar de

molaah says:

ca c’est du musicien. son style imposait deja une ambiance sans repis. le
genre de musique que lorsqu’on ecoute on ne peux que s’envoler bien
qu’etant assis.

bandaekwaro says:

You do not know if pa say !!!! I have sometimes almost with tears in Cameroon eyes !!! Aa, what have you done with your artists Ahhhhhhhh !!! Zanzi, Atebass, Sala and all the others … Thank you for everything !!!

thierry-valentin mbarga-abega says:

Thank you for an uprooted like me, find my songs childhood brings me a little home and make me remember why despite 30 years in France, I always have a very special rate in the heart … ..Tu have embellished my day!

Karl MNG says:

For those who feel the music, hear the bassist coordination, the percussion and solo guitar carried by a guitar accompanying the subtle discretion … I am 33 years old, but what we are listening to the noise bikutsi today !!!

bandaekwaro says:

Oh lala, exquissssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

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