Sam Fan Thomas – Nelson Mandela

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claudesabwa says:

Mashono!!! ca vous rappelle quelquqe chose???

Maxwellpayne47 says:

the album is called Makassi Again produced around 1989. I can mail it to you if you want

SupaAmi says:

Thank you, but I actually have already found it and I now own it! But thanks anyway, appreciate the help.

RabAllan says:

This was before Thriller. 1988 – 89..

MyKitoko says:

genialllllllllll tout simplement

laure thegy says:

trop top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lou Laetitia Colombe says:

mdrrrrrr mon dieu quel vieux son !!!!!!!!!!! souvenirs souvenirs ..?

Kaptain200 says:

Can someone please tell me who killed Cameroonian music ?? cuz I’m ready to find that son of a bitch and hammer a nail on his dumb head. Plz don’t tell me it is Mr. Paul Biya cuz I’m ready to kick his ass.

FSjoachim says:

putain le bon vieux temps, ca me manque trop!



sundiatah says:

Now C’mon! cameroonian music completely dead? I wouldn’t say so (maybe on life support though…) because you just can’t ignore the queen Lady Ponce, or at least Longue longue’s “kirikou”

dengilly says:

This song was an inspiration to me while in med school.Great song.

idriss njoya says:

l incontournable roi du makassi. sam fan thomas

kiryne30 says:

Dans tous les anniversaires, ça ne manquait jamais

MsReine1 says:

Waoooo la je comprend maintenan ou est sorti le talent de cet artiste CHANCE JULIO kabongo911, Je le voie dancer aupres et a la droite de SAM FAN THOMAS, en blanc noir il etais tres mignon ce garcon j’en mourai. ohhhhh les annees 80′. KEL SOUVENIR!!!!!

terguesh says:


physicaal says:

Mais Ils sont tous ou? weee le Ministre de la Culture Camerounaise est un ndem!!

jessimiman says:

Oh my God! I remember this song in Sierra Leone was a kid then,but can still recall old memories.

MrNgefo says:

Wow!!!!! growing up in rural Kenya……..this was it. Thanks for putting this up.

Quincy Ninying says:

#ThrowBackSong this is a cool song! i love it!



adorneo says:

I agree…MJ and SFT must have consulted!..

Eliane Henry says:

nope before thriller

gael smith says:

Aww when cameroon used to rule african music. I can still remember my childhood in ghana. Where are all these cameroonian musicians nowadays?

gisolio85 says:

Great man from Cameroon. Was at home in Kenya when he came last year and slightly before the post election violence when he was due to perform but did not because of the violence. I love real music. Thanx Sam fan! Your music is quality and great! God bless!

Loudmastering Loud says:

le bassiste est très dangereux je valide…

cuahtelmoc says:

merci mille fois sam fan thomas!tu fais honneur au peuple bantu!

cuahtelmoc says:

c’est vraiment un artiste intercontinental.

djadhzha says:

qui ne s’est pas tortillé dessus, à rater LA DANCE,

Dianneoh05 says:

omg i’m so glad i found this! i grew up listening to this! i didnt know there was a video!

Ako Na says:

I love this music and im only 16 that shows how proud i am of my country and my culture …. I LOVE CAMEROON <3

kouebaskou says:

Aladji Toure.

cocodemedio says:

tres beau souvenir au bal de fin d année au lycee william ponty de yopougon

Billy Angelo says:

Recently i have been realizing just how much our artist made impact far above our bounderies…
So proud of being a Kmer

chouchounetteism says:

j’adore cette chanson ,

Brit Baron says:

All the moves seen in the music videos originated from Africa. These artist so don’t be surprise if MJ got some of their style. I know Beyonce is now doing so. In this video there is a dance of someone with the butt on the ground. In the Mr Vegas Bruk it down Video of 2012 you will see the same moves. All from Africa

Brit Baron says:

Get well Mandella. I love you. This song just made me cry remembering my childhood when we cried for the people of Africa.

TheFrejusmea says:

the real dancers know the shit go hard on 4:22


lol, mandela, merci Yacro

T Brice says:

In those days…we was singx our version of dis lol

nyoike muthubi says:

after thriller, but not as a copycat , but it was the first music”videofilm” that rocked the world where a show was provided to go with the music….o lord I
am to old for this

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