Sam Fan Thomas – No’haa

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Cameroonian Makossa artist Sam Fan Thomas with his hit song “No’haa” from his 1986 album Makassi Plus.



Davis Jeremy says:

lol ! really those were the days! t reminds me wen we drunk senselessly to black outs by the rood side!

Jo Adjei says:

I’m Ghanaian and I grew up listening to this, classic!!!!!

Ngozi Ngumo says:

Reminds when I was in Primary and going for lunch back home. Manze harufu ya hodari unga ama Jogoo. I love my mom coz she was cooking while this music plays at lunch time.

Candy Jamesa says:

looking at Sam Fan Thomas more than 10years since i first heard his songs….i think my young mind already could tell he is a handsome dude! big up Cameroonians, i loved his songs as i grew up!

molaaable says:

yes-yes-yes, those were the days, in primary school at Layibi central in Gulu, while going back home for lunch, u can only hear this music booming in all the shops at Layibi trading centre day in day out. Thanks and greetings from Gulu-Uganda.

Prismas Kadazi says:

i always remember my dad in those days, this was really classic. where is this man? am sekani eubert falinya from Malawi, central Africa

mysparkkle says:

but what happened to this WONDERFUL WORLD of ours?where are all the nice PEOPLE,the LOVE,the UNITY,the PEACE?also reminds me of URTNA

pacome severin says:

le grand san fan la music ki ma fais grandi

Clementine Apudo says:

I am Kenyan….listened to this in my college years!!! Awesome!!!

Mzaaiya1 says:

Classic song

Sandrine sock tchamba says:

lot of memories. i miss my country

ronniebrent says:

Listening to this song I cried!! Missed all those Xmas days when all my family got together uncles cousins aunts and we ate danced all night. My uncle’s used to call it save the batteries lol some of my people are now gone to meet our maker. If I could only go back to those days to see my people together with their crazy selfs!!! I could pay anything to see that live that but for now this song will do till we meet again

Mongo299 says:

proud to be cameroonian! proud to live in Africa!

Clementine Apudo says:

Inanikumbush kole back in the days…..

nganguem nganguem says:

j’aime ça

sn00piedog says:

he is a mixed with european?

Devens Jordy says:

ôôôôôôôôôôô!!! Que des souvenirs inoubliables! Ah la vie n’est rien!! Bon, je sèche mes larmes.

TheChapen says:

No he is not. 100% African like all the people you see in the video.

sn00piedog says:

Okay im african too I didn’t know that he was full blooded cameroon

Astrid Tchana says:

souvenirs d’enfance :-)

Brit Baron says:

love that one too. I will get it on itunes

Brit Baron says:

ha ha ha I know it and I am not African but this was popular in the french speaking caribbean

Brit Baron says:

wow my mom did the same. Woke us up with music daily

Koffran Evina says:

Damn motherfucka

John Maina says:

remember jacks disco the que or waka waka night???

Harmon Okinyo says:

If you don’t like this, I bet you were born in the year 3000

Dorethe Kenfa says:


Raphael Omoto says:

…And i was a boy selling ground nuts and water to revelers!

smrubeya27 says:

Tulikuwa tukiisikiza kwenye santuri.Tuliita twende kisumu!!!Good ol days.

Monju Paul Momuluh says:

He remains the same even at his old age. Great Artist i am soo happy to be close to himnow and then. He such a nice Person!!!! Beautiful music.

Monju Paul Momuluh says:

There is no African/African Music Lover who doesn´t like this man´s music

MenengaiCrater says:

The early 90s and president Moi was not willing to relinquish power. I was in school in Eastlands of Nairobi. Few had money those days and we listened to radio and played bare feet. Those days are a distant dot in the rear view mirror as we cruise to the future

Michael Cheserek says:

3.27 is knee weakening!

catrashoo says:

Can anyone upload Neng Makassi ? thanks

sambaza2 says:

Loved this song soo much I had it as a ring tone for years…. Remember URTNA in the 80s?

Blackandreru Black says:

bravoooo genial,genial la vrais musique camerounaise gran sam fan thomas cette chanson a fait mal au pays remember very nice cool i lvin it

malkenzi22 says:

La belle epoque

Bitoyocom says:

Très bonne muzic

ndeye ndiaye says:

to Dylan Enzo im not from but i loveeeee this song…. love from Senegal..,, je danseeeeee!!!!!!

Cetin Teker says:

acun reyizin hakuna matata sindan geldim ama bizimkiler kesfememis daha burayi yalhiz birakmayin lan beni

chrysfunny says:

ça c’est bon ça!!!!

agy makokha says:

I remember this song when I was in primary, and kids could change the lyrics to diss the guy who used to operate a nearby canteen. lol the good old days in Kenya.

Lizzy Lii says:

Mais comment peut-on ne pas aimer cette chanson? C’est de la bonne musique ca !

Hawanatukar Kareem says:

Neat step dancing. Love this song was frequently played on SLBC radio in Freetown, SL in those peaceful days. Good musi. Love you Sam FN

Hawanatukar Kareem says:

Hope Sam Fan Thomas is still alive.  Much love to you. Thanks for uploading.

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