Sam Fan Thomas – Si Tcha

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From Sam Fan Thomas Album, had his album for years and grew up listening to this music in malawi where i grew up.   enjoy!



nthenya says:

Asi!!!! Twende kazi….. Memories are made of this

Musungu Rogers says:

In december we visited our aunt Namono while on Circumcission, we found a lot of alcohol and this song was playing. Sweet home memories

AmaiwaMichael says:

hela , hela…. love this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moswesonga says:

your music inspires me alot mr  SAMFAN THOMAS we love yuor music just as we adore your national soccer team.old is GOLD

Loudmastering Loud says:

j’adore j’adore et j’adore encore….


Thank God for this song. I thank the person who uploaded it in youtube. Hundreds thanks go to you the Great Sam Fan Thomas. Thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Leone Ouko says:

who knows where sam fan thomas went to

Leone Ouko says:

who knows where sam fan thomas went to

Leone Ouko says:

who knows where sam fan thomas went to

Frederick Adira says:

I used to sing as Jah Blesse!

bwawere says:

where are you. this song takes me places

GloryMove says:

He’s based in Douala, Cameroon, where he runs his recording studio.

shazmeeny says:

Can someone tell me how to get rid of those stupid chinese / Japaneses ads interfering in all my playlists!

yegonify says:

when never i listen to this music reminds me of my father!!

Jonathan Mita says:

Running away from boarding school and drinking chibuku out of bounds those were the days

TheMamilion says:

One of the songs that reminds me of my childhood, wish to be a kid again. I cant stop listening to the song, so nostalgic.

Felix Bamba says:

me too!!!

mobius1100 says:

i heard this first when iwas in kenya with the forces

Davis Jeremy says:

Guys this was a hit,it is ,and it will! awesome works of the genius! ………….. cha mlenje!

Davis Jeremy says:

when we fought over girlfriends on christmas days! hahaha eeeeeeh ! i wish i could recycle ma self to those hey days!

Candy Jamesa says:

Ca c’est tres tres nostalgique!J’aime les chansons de cet type!

Clementine Apudo says:

Listened to this growing up in Kenya! Have no idea what he is saying though!

MAV N. T. Rter says:

great musik.

amirals jackson says:

the best makossa

hellen atieno zilberman says:

loved it then and love it now

Nyasimi Geoffrey says:

thank u

rti67 says:

This reminds me of my late was bis fav.

Hashem Abdul says:

Melody and the vocals are absolutely brilliant. Great Song.


I need one title of this musician:” Sorry for my life” ” one day sun will shine” please can somebody put it on line?????

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