Sis Mermah – Cameroon Praise and Worship 2

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Nicoline Nge Nkeng says:

Praise God. …God bless you more

Marthy Siani says:

Il est digne d’être adoré, exalté élévé au plus haut des cieux d’éternité
en éternité. bénie sois tu sister

Paule Funso says:

hello please i will like to ask if you give me some official page of some
french gospel music or artist and if there is any new coming french gospel
artist you know of and who will like his music to be prompted by been put
on the XTIAN FM radio which is found on tunein, so get connected and hear
the word of GOD in french and English with some praise and worship.

Sundaysunny2 says:

Wow, she sings in my language!!! where can I buy her album?

Sundaysunny2 says:

I love this! blessed Cameroon!

Gerhard Scholtyssek says:

the changing of the faces go to quick. but i am with this womens.

Mameya88 says:

post this on iTunes for purchase….nice songs and may God keep

bokpe megan says:

May God be praise

Emanuel Mbonge says:

nice piece but she sings like a Nigerian.

Gerhard Scholtyssek says:

so schön, so gut, voll of wisdom.

Sundaysunny2 says:

you are Emanuel, I noticed that she is singing like a Nigerian lady who had
sung of the songs. However, I really love her music!

Stephanie laurie says:

Or I love this song…. I am proud of my country

Eric Awungjia says:

sister mermah you are a blessing to us.

Constance Vega says:

Hallelujah may the righteousness of Christ anoint your voice for His Glory

Adam Smith says:

nice song from cameroon..bravo

bren baba says:

How about if I say I love my country?.

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