Tilda & Rocafil Jazz – Christiana

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Another great song by Tilda & Rocafil Jazz, a cover of the original by Prince Nico Mbarga.



Christiane SANOU-SIMOND says:

C’est vraiment génial cette musique! 

Kwami Adikah says:
bellemskey says:

Absolutely they are lovely… Cheers sister…

890712Daniel says:

esto es champeta africana?

apr8net9 says:

please Tilda, keep the hope on you made my days the other time i was on
youtube and got hold of these songs originally done by LATE prince nico
mbarga. that reminds me of the good old days especially the evergreen
SWEETMOTHER. once again keep the the flag and the memory on.

tekenareuben says:

I like the remake

uchimani says:

I Once met this Sis in Paris, well she is friendly if you want to know…

Tana Oguara says:

They are indeed Prince Nico’s songs – Tilda was backup singer for him back
in the day, and her versions are remakes/updates of the songs.

bellemskey says:

Pls someone explain this to me… i thought this songs (Aki, Christana and
others) were Nico Mbarga’s… or were they played by Tilda and Rocafill…
or was this the band Nico played for?

TheMvamba says:

@mfenaadisukibaba, Nico Mbarga is not related to Cameroon for the civil
war, but because his father was from the french speaking Cameroon, a
village called Issambong, if you know his songs you will recognize one of
his titles related to this name. Besides, there is a lot of Ewondo (the
langage of his father) in his songs. You are right, he is fully a nigerian
musician, but we cameroonians are proud of him. Who says we should not? He
is our blood! From a cameroonian who loves Nigeria.

owusu sampson says:

songs like this reminds me of the old good days—- please send me that of
ohh dearth ohh dearth . i really enjoy it thanks for making such music

candychocolat says:

From Wikipedia Prince Nico Mbarga (1-01-50 — 24-06-97)… born to a
Nigerian mother and a Cameroonian father in Abakaliki, Nigeria. Music
inspired by the 5 years he spent in Cameroon during the Nigerian Civil War
in the late 1960’s. “Sweet mother,” in 1976, more than 13 million copies…
one of Africa’s greatest songs)… Here is Louisiana Tilda, Camerounian
backup singer of Prince Nico Mbarga and the Rocafil Jazz: Sweet mother; Aki
Special; Christiana; Welenga; Simplicity; Etc. Nice!

Tana Oguara says:

I don’t know, but the guitar playing is simply lovely! You’re very welcome!

Eve Evee says:

I tire for her o. I dont thinks she is particularly interesting. she looks
like a clown and its irritating to hear someone just take over another’s
songs like she has done.

mfenaadisukibaba says:

why r u quoting wikipedia for us?which country’s national passport did he
carry?He carried a Nigerian Passport.Where was this classic produced?It was
produced by Rogers All Stars in Onitsha, Nigeria.That he came to cameroon
during the civil war does not mean he came for musical
inspiration!Cameroonians should go and look for their authentic music
hero.Prince Nico represents the excellent spirit of the Nigerian

bellemskey says:

Oh Tgirl71 Bless you… thanks for the information… they still sound very
beautiful… do you have an idea of who played the guitar cos they sound
just like Nico… Cheers

Warren Carr says:

I think the musicians did an excelent job but I don’t believe that the
vocals are anywhere near that of the late Mbarga. We’ll forever miss that
dude! He simply can’t be replicated!

mazumathefirst says:

Tilda is beautiful and she does sing very well 🙂

UrbanInkpen says:

old song really good

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