Tilda & Rocafil Jazz – Sweet Mother

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Tilda & Rocafil Jazz – Sweet Mother – (see lyrics of the original song by Prince Nico Mbarga)



33bound1 says:

if there is any song in the would u have to listen to is sweet mothor

Hans Chapman says:

Africa’s greatest song of all time, without a doubt. Cheers to the memory
of the late Prince Nico Mbarga and the Rocafill Jazz International.

mizzobama13 says:

i love dhis song! imma sing it for mother’ss day!

Maria Elena Ariza De Barrios says:

“que tiempos aquellos”el los que se podia disfrutar de esta hermosa
musica….desde Quilla mis saludos

thomsylfenton says:

Oh sweet Mother, I’ll never forget you. I love this song like the way I
love my mother, it is truly representing my mother and I can clearly see
the picture of my mother in the track. From when she started carrying me
for nine months in her womb and gave birth to me soundly, care for me till
I become who I’m today, I wanna say thanks to all the MOTHER’S IN THE
WORLD, Thomas Sylvanus Gbondo,Australia.

cibida1 says:

not the original…but still good

nigerian1990 says:

THats good i do 2 my mom ;]

raphiec says:

Can bring tears to my eyes, the absolute best tribute to motherhood ever!

rasprogress says:

Sweetest song ever made, wrong people singing it.

kanneh1 says:

I have this video and also i love this song so much that i can not stop
watching it

xxmissuniquexx says:

im very very young a 90’s child and this song is one of my favourites its
one of africas best songs and most importantly a great tribute to

ikechukwuamadi says:

my mother i will forever love…the most thing i love about this song is
that she sang it in a language we nigerians can understand..kudos..this
song will live forever

Phatttttt says:

big tune

chill21 says:

I love this song, this is true Classic, thanks for Posting.

Timothy Stringer says:

ur such a retard he was born in nigeria he is nigerian, he only spent 5yrs
in cameroun or kamelRuin( wateva dat meant) and rest of is life in
nigeria.ur so stupid to say he got inspired by living in a francophone
country “kamelRuiner’s dnt even speak english not to talk of pidgin” U
should get off nigeria’s butt meaning stop begging innit. stupid ass

HLordz301 says:

DRC still has the best music in africa…sorry

flickanvickan says:

God bless Nico Mbarga, R.I.P.

bellecome20 says:

I love this song

uwumuremyi says:

best song ever written. I cry everytime I listen to this song. all mothers
are heroes and they should be honored.

oladunti oluwaseun says:

I dedicate this song to my mum.I MISS YOU SOOO MUCH.

Wickson Cobyjones says:

As Cameroonian,I urge those Nigerians who have insulted Cameroon in theirs
comments to find the translation of this son(Le Pére de Notre Pays) means
(The father of Our Country) was sung by “Prince Nico Mbarga”in 1980. We are
so proud that “Mbarga Nico”had parents and Cultures from boths Countries,
but apart of his birthplace he were raised in Cameroon too and he was
speaking fluently and singing in boths official languages of
Cameroun(French and Englis).Are living +2.000.000 Igbos in Cameroon

addoforever says:

Oh, go to hell.

Crestwater says:

In the African music world, this is the greatest song of all time. Thanks
to Prince Nico Mbarga, of blessed memory. I love this Tilda lady. She is
vocally and physically attractive.


OMG, This is the bestest African song ever! Long live sweet mother

Monica Musisi says:

This is my jam

candychocolat says:

From Wikipedia Prince Nico Mbarga (1-01-50 — 24-06-97)… born to a
Nigerian mother and a Cameroonian father in Abakaliki, Nigeria. Music
inspired by the 5 years he spent in Cameroon during the Nigerian Civil War
in the late 1960’s. “Sweet mother,” in 1976, more than 13 million copies…
one of Africa’s greatest songs)… Louisiana Tilda Camerounian backup
singer of Prince Nico Mbarga and the Rocafil Jazz: Sweet mother; Aki
Special; Christiana; Welenga; Simplicity; Etc. Nice!

SapphireGoddess says:

this is my song…tha original person that sang it was Prince Nico Mbarga

Isata Kamara says:

yer ur right der catting coz de cnt sing like dem

mfenaadisukibaba says:

why r u quoting wikipedia for us?which country’s national passport did he
carry?He carried a Nigerian Passport.Where was this classic produced?It was
produced by Rogers All Stars in Onitsha, Nigeria.That he came to cameroon
during the civil war does not mean he came for musical
inspiration!Cameroonians should go and look for their authentic music
hero.Prince Nico represents the excellent spirit of the Nigerian

Crestwater says:

If any one has the other songs on the album, like Chritiana, Welenga, Happy
Birthday, and Simplicity, they should kindly post them. Tears in my eyes.
Super Classic.

aybz1 says:

hMh…I miss my mum, I miss Nigeria

MEKWATA2005 says:

I must give credit to the lady for her ingenuity in giving a french version
of this classic song in honor of all mothers. Like every other classic work
of art, it deserves to be translated in every langauge. The ingenuity of
this work is further attested by its close semblance to the original
version. Well done!!!

Chimbwido says:

oh my golly…. this is the song of all songs. VIVA AFRICA!!

Shaka Bangura says:

this video is the best video in the world

Fidelis Chihambakwe says:

Thank you Mother, R.I.P. Thank you to all mothers.

uganda says:

Music to REMEMBER Oh Yes !!!

djbenzo says:

I remember this from back in the day.

dohboi214 says:

were u the 1 that played at ucr?

AfiBaby says:

ok…. who cares? just enjoy the damn song!!! Mothers 4 life!!

normed2 says:

we all love it so muchhhhhh!



gweneth44 says:

could you tell me where i would buy this video i live in the west yorkshire

Wickson Cobyjones says:

Stop talking shit, Prince Nico “Mbarga” born in nigeria with Nigeria mother
and cameroonian father, The Familly name is “MBARGA” and in Africa the
familly mane Identify people and gives the information where you From. Now
tell me did Nigerian Tribes have “MBARGA” in their Names?

floymazurkiewicz says:

awesome work =)) good job keep it up congrats

33bound1 says:

if there is any song in the would u have to listen to is sweet mother

Wickson Cobyjones says:

Stop talking shit, The Familly name is “MBARGA” and in Africa the familly name is lake (DNA) because trace you where you are from. His father was a Cameroonian.
Now Answer my question. Is “MBARGA” any Nigerian’s Tribe Name?. I am sure its not. Any person in the world who hold “Mbarga” in his name is From Central or Sud Cameroon tribes (Etòn, Bùlù, Ewondo, etc).
Cameroon has 2 official languages (French and English). Prince Nico Mbarga was speaking French and English fluently and has sung in French too!


every time i go to a baby shower they play this

Louis Torkornoo says:

Good times, truly a classic. Played this on stage with my former Afropop

mcar2374 says:

I am italian but I lived in Africa for 10 years when I was a kid, and I’ll
never forget Nigeria…I left a piece of my heart there! I remember this
song. This version is cool!

Ifeoluwa Adebayo says:

This is awesome

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