Traditional Bamoun music

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Folk music from Bamoun ethnic group in Foumban (Cameroon), where the Sultanate has still its kingdom. This song remind me of my childhood in Abang-Mbang, Cameroon.



Sam L. says:

merci pour ce bonheur qui est en voie de disparution.thanks u so much.

lusciouslollipops12 says:

je suis bamoun! reppin cameroon l0l

makombemusic says:

WIR geht es dir ?

MrTheLawance says:

merci infiniment. Ah! la culture bamoune. merci encore

Awoli Awo says:

nice oh yeah!

Awoli Awo says:

I like the groove oh yes! ohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

bianca karibou says:

tro fière detr bamoun, ca me fai tellmen plaisir decouter la musik de chez moi. thx

Ciroelcompositor Cantautor says:

good music!

EbClectic says:

Absolutely incredible. Look at these controlled movements. To any bro from the States- this is where y´all got y´all´s groove from 🙂

colon1986 says:

je suis bamileke peuple de la prairie -Grassfield (bamileke-bamoun-tikar) descendant direct des anciens egyptiens vous salus

nkoungah sira says:

Yes! ca c est le song :-))

foupouagnigniibrahim says:

je suis fier depuis lukraine!

Dee Bangsi says:

This song remind me of my childhood in Abang-Mbang, Cameroon. I had some Bamoun people in the neighborhood. Every moony night was celebrated with Bamoun Lyrics. I feel so good to hear this rhythm after so many years abroad, very far from the motherland. Good bless you.

Aminatou Ngaloumo says:

cool coool cool kel nostalgie

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