Traditional Cameroonian Music with Calabash Instruments

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I payed a few local musicians to play traditional-style music that we tend to have at weddings, parties, and the like.



ogensheli says:

great! what is drone in the background? are they playing on a threshing floor? any notion of the content of the song?

zorks3 says:

They are playing in what is more or less my front yard. In the background are traditional mats made out of dried grasses that I’ve made into a little privacy screen for my home.

I don’t know the full content of the song (I am not that fluent in Fulfulde) but it is my impression that it is an impromptu one in the style that they always do, that is to say they are asking for donations and/or gifts, like going back to the USA when I return (such requests aren’t considered serious or rude).

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