Elizabeth Tekeh – My Destiny

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Elizabeth Tekeh – My Destiny.



mama wis says:

great song

African Movie Reporter says:

Thanks for watching Mama Wis. Stay tuned for more….

MyChrisbush says:

Dear evangelist, thank u for using ur music to bring hope to the hopeless.
careless about the rumours because they are all aspects of life. whether
good or bad people will talk. you are a role model to the Cameroonian
community here in the USA. we love u and will always support u. stay

forbitprincess says:

I love u mummy. .

Vin Ben says:



i finally found this music, thanks afrique movie

Br Chris says:

My dearest sis and mentor in the lord, kindly accept greetings from your cameroonian fans here in the USA. Thank you so much for using your music to effect so many lives both home and abroad.
This musical piece is so inspiring. No matter what you do people must talk, just be happy and proud that God is using the rumour mongers to bless and advertise you. We will always be here to support you sis eli.
Thank you for uploading the music. please do help us upload more of her songs because its difficult for us to have it here in the states. God bless you for uploading and hope to have more of her subsequent albums even with the other artist she has sing with.
stay blessed

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